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THE 7-Day

Billionaire Boot Camp

RETREAT / Orlando, FL
September 3 - 9, 2023
Rosen Shingle Creek

At Rosen Shingle Creek

In Orlando, FL

Tap-Into "Invisible Supply" and Start Receiving All the Things You Want From Life...

Discover the effortless-action that leads to MORE success, happiness and abundance than ANYTHING else you can do...

Your imagination is the “preview” of your highest and best life.

You were BORN to live your highest and best life.

Think on that for a moment.

Your unique imagination is “showing you” what your life really could be like.

So why don’t you actually have a day-to-day life that “matches up” with your imagination?

You probably have lots of good answers to that.

Maybe you’d say…

“It’s just not realistic…”


“I just never had the opportunities…”


“I don’t know the right people…”


“It’s all just imagination… it’s not the real world… the real world doesn’t work like that…”

All valid reasons.

But think on this:

All those reasons appear to you as THOUGHTS.



Really grasp that.

Because it is these THOUGHTS (that seem so real) that are the only reason your life is the way it is at the moment.

It’s ONLY YOUR THOUGHTS (which “surface” as your automatic behaviors, tendencies, compulsions, feelings, beliefs, programs and actions) that are preventing you from living the life you just imagined.

A question:

Ever find yourself doing things you know you’re at-odds with, because they don’t reflect what you really want to have in life? Yet you find yourself repeating those behaviors anyway?

If so, that’s because… 

Your outlook on life and your behavior are being "driven" by a tangled-web of unconscious THOUGHTS that don't best serve you.

A tightly woven tangled-web of unconscious THOUGHTS.

Throughout your life, countless circumstances (and people) have pushed thousands of thoughts into your mind about what you can and cannot do.

Your mind has absorbed all those thoughts and those thoughts have “knotted” and hardened into unconscious beliefs and programs.

Worst of all, some of those beliefs and programs are so “hidden” from your awareness that you’ve taken them as absolute FACT.

But they are NOT absolute fact.

You can choose to release yourself from the limitations of your unconscious THOUGHTS, BELIEFS and PROGRAMS.

And you know what?

This choice to release yourself from the limitations of your unconscious THOUGHTS, BELIEFS and PROGRAMS…

Is the greatest LIBERATION that exists in life.

To choose to liberate yourself from unconscious limitations is the wisest action any human being can take.

It is the effortless-action that leads to MORE success, happiness and abundance than ANYTHING else you can do.

By contrast… You already know where your outward efforting-action has got you…

It’s got you to exactly where you are in life. And if you’re not happy with that…

You NOW have a choice.

A very simple choice.

CHOICE A: Carry on as you are allowing your tangled-web of unconscious limitations to run your life unchecked… keeping you stuck… and…

Making it more and more difficult for you to EVER live the kind of life you really desire.


CHOICE B: Do the wisest thing any person can ever do… which is…

Choose to RELEASE yourself from the limitations of your unconscious limitations.

This is the wisest choice for a very simple reason:

Unconscious Thoughts are the ONLY REAL PROBLEM in your life.

If your life is not working the way you want it to — it’s only because you’ve been unconsciously following your THOUGHTS.

Unconscious thoughts — which then get “knotted” together into beliefs and programs — have led you to where you are in life.

Which is actually good news. Because…

There is nothing inherently wrong with you as a person.

You don’t need to “improve” yourself in any way.

You don’t need to have more qualifications or anything like that.

ALL you need to do to have your life match up with the life you have imagined is to RELEASE yourself from the limitations of your UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHTS.


And you know what will happen if you do just that?

And only that?

The wonderful answer is that by simply RELEASING yourself from the limitations of your UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHTS….

You'll finally tap-into the "Invisible Supply" of Life itself

This “Invisible Supply” is an Infinite Intelligence that puts aliveness and abundance into everything it touches.
It is the very well-spring of Life itself.
It wants to express itself through you.
It wants to give you everything you desire – everything you just imagined.
It’s waiting to overflow your life with abundance….
With wealth…
With success…
With happiness…
With good health…
With a renewed aliveness…
With EVERYTHING you want in life.


7-Day Billionaire Boot Camp Retreat

The 7-Day Billionaire Boot Camp Retreat is just about the FASTEST WAY to release yourself from the UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHTS that are blocking greater wealth and abundance from entering your life.

During the retreat you will experience a whole new way of seeing things.

You will open the way for NEW solutions and possibilities to come into your life… 

Miraculous solutions and possibilities you could never conceive of before.

Doesn’t matter if you feel completely broken by life at the moment…

Doesn’t matter if you feel incapable of ever changing your life for the better…

None of that matters.

Because once you release yourself from the limitations of your unconscious thoughts and tap-into “Invisible Supply” — you’ll naturally and automatically start RECEIVING wonderful experiences into your life that will make you fall in love with life all over again.

Put simply, throughout the 7-Days of the Billionaire Boot Camp Retreat… 

You're being offered a second chance to have a life that you LOVE - TAKE IT!

During the 7-Days of the Billionaire Boot Camp...

Gains from Retreat Participants

$250,000 HAPPENS

“I keep going and going with releasing and today my new hire showed me a catering account that is $250,000 a year and appears to be ours for the taking. Wonders never cease.” - Joan Oliver


“Thank you so much for making this Retreat available to me. This is a hard thing to admit, but I’m 71 years old and have never been happy and/or content even though I’ve had a considerable amount of success in my life.

Now, after using The Technique only a couple of weeks, I’m ecstatic to report ‘now I have both.’ Believe me, no price could be placed on that.” - Vern E. Las Vegas, NV

“I received a signed agreement from a new $10K client. My goal is to allow myself to have seven mutually aligned, wealthy clients with ease by releasing. The add on to the goal that I am releasing on now is: $20+K in sept, $30+K in oct, $40+K in nov, $50+K in Dec." - Vera A

So Much Energy

"For the past 2 weeks or so I’ve been feeling S-T-U-C-K. Big time. I’d be able to move it, then I’d wake in the morning feeling more stuck than I was when I went to bed. Then last night, from the Retreat, something clicked with ‘I am not my body, I am not my mind.’. I’ve been doing it all day now. Feeling great. The body pain is almost all gone. I am on my way." - Stephanie Z. Waterloo, Ontario Canada


“I have achieved the beginning of my goal to allow others to easily take care of my money and to grow it as I have a new manager and I like what he is doing and had a significant financial gain on Friday. I have dropped the belief that money is a big responsibility and burden.” - Suzanne McNitt

"Releasing and beingness cleared the way once I stopped disapproving and being irritated about the situation. This brought in around $13k so far." - Jack A

The Highest Teaching

"This is the Retreat that reveals the highest teaching. I cannot recommend it highly enough, as it has taken me higher than I have ever been in my life." - Sonny R. Monroe, MI

$75,000 per month

“Last year I attended the live Retreat. I was totally broke and had difficulty making a living. I kept using The Release Technique and now I’m making $75,000 per month and going up each month.” Larry S." - South Gate, CA

Joy Spilling Out

"The Retreat is truly the marvel of life. I am a skeptical person (or I was!) and I didn’t think the course would do much for me, but now I am a believer—actually I know that this course is the key to happiness with no sorrow. Right now, I feel absolutely joyous—it’s spilling out of me—and it’s for the best reason, which is no reason at all. I’d like to thank you for your everlasting patience, love and givenness that Lester shared with us." - Foster B. Massachusetts

Golf Coursen in Orlando


It will be held at the the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel, a beautiful AAA Four Diamond Luxury hotel set on 230 lush acres located in the heart of Orlando and only 10-minutes away from the Orlando International Airport.

To see what Rosen Shingle Creek looks like, visit:

Hands Making Hearts


Give your friend or that special someone the ultimate present—the gift of transformation and abundance at the 7-Day Success & Life Balance Retreat.

However, this offer expires on December 15 at midnight, so purchase your ticket now. With this offer, tuition for two is only $1,695. The only responsibility for both participants is the room and board charge (single room or a double room).

Remember, all you have to do is to simply call (818) 279-2438 and reserve your two spots by December 15, 2020!

*In order to be eligible for this promotion one person has to never attended a live class in the past

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(Includes room & board and three fabulous meals per day, double occupancy.)
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(Includes room & board and three fabulous meals per day.)

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Retreat Details

9939 Universal Blvd,
Orlando, FL 32819
September 3 - 9, 2023

Registration for the retreat begins at 7pm with the first meeting at 7:30pm.

Early Bird Special - $2,156
Early bird pricing good through August 12!

If you register today the tuition is only $2,156 for this ENTIRE RETREAT PACKAGE which includes room and board and three fabulous meals per day, double occupancy.

Shuttle Service

Transportation from the Orlando International Airport is available for Under $20/person, each way from Super Shuttle.