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7-Day Virtual Infinite Potential Retreat

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March 15 - 21, 2021


Come and experience the

“2nd Way” of living…

THIS is the ONLY way to “HAVE IT ALL” AND feel alive and complete on the inside….

There is another way to experience life…

Every person on the planet is always trying to reach this limitless state.

You are, too.

So, what is this “2nd way” of living that can release you from all mental anguish and enables you to experience your true limitless?

To explain:

Have you ever watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie To Catch a Thief?

It’s a great watch.

Set in the opulent French Rivera, it stars Cary Grant as the main character.

He plays a former jewel thief (nicknamed “The Cat”).

Throughout the movie, “The Cat” (in order to avoid wrongful arrest) uses his wits to catch a new, unknown jewel thief.

There is more to the movie than that, of course.

Just as there was more to Cary Grant than most people ever saw. But so what?

What does any of that have to do with you and making your life better?

Well… what’s revealed next about Cary Grant leads you to a life-changing REALIZATION that most people never get…

You see, to his adoring fans, Cary Grant was the epitome of success.

He had the debonair good looks (He was the original inspiration for Ian Fleming’s James Bond character).

He was a screen Icon in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Could pick and choose his roles.

Commanded the highest fees.

Married one of the richest women in the world at the time (American heiress, Barbara Woolworth Hutton).

Played leading parts alongside many of the most beautiful women in the world (Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren).

And was once told by an interviewer: “Everybody would like to be Cary Grant.”

If ever there was a person who HAD IT ALL…

It has to be Cary Grant, right?

Well… not quite…

See… Cary Grant was tortured by mental anguish his whole life.

He went through five marriages.

Was in-and-out of psychiatrists’ offices for years.

And, in the days when it was still legal to do so, turned to using LSD as a therapeutic drug.

So, the man who “HAD IT ALL” was – personally and privatelyin turmoil his whole life.

How can that be you might ask?

He “had everything!”…



Dashing good looks…

Adoring fans…

Beautiful women…

A California beach house…

Hollywood’s leading directors clamoring to cast him in their movies…


And yet he was still in mental turmoil!

A mental turmoil he battled his whole life.

Know why?

You might not yet understand the answer…

You might not even like the answer…

But the truth is the truth.

And the truth is…

There are two ways to experience life:

WAY #1: living from thought-to-thought where your turbulent thoughts dictate how you feel and act.

If you are like 99% of the population…

This is the way you live.

Where your moment-to-moment mind-made thoughts dictate how you feel and act.

Basically, you are a “slave” to the “Thief” your mind…

Yes – a “slave” to the “Thief” of the mindjust like Cary Grant was (no matter how outwardly successful he became)…

But hey…

It is, as they say, the human condition…

And there’s nothing you can do about it, right?…


Because fortunately there is another way to experience life…

A way that releases you from ALL the mental anguish of living.

A way that allows for you to experience the LIMITLESS of the REAL YOU (beyond mind identification).

A way that very few people ever get to properly experience in their life-time.

Yet it is a way of living that every person on the planet is perpetually (often unconsciously) trying to reach.

From the homeless person on the street…

To the everyday “9-to-5” employee…

Right the way up to…

Hollywood stars…

Business moguls…

Rockstars and music royalty…


All and each of us are forever seeking this “2nd way” of living

So… that begs the question…

Just what is this 2nd way of living?

And are you ready for it?

This is where you find out:

WAY #2 (the 2nd Way of living): is living life out of the peaceful QUIET that exists beyond the “overlay” of mind-made thoughts.

This really is what everyone on the planet is perpetually (often unconsciously) trying to reach or “get to”.

Nor do millions upon millions of people that pass-through life.

And that is the greatest travesty ever.


To live only from the mind is so LIMITING.

Robbing you of fully experiencing your True Self and True potential.

It’s like owning the world’s most exquisite jewel – only to mistaken it for a piece of coal and throw it on the fire!

Thankfully, we both know that Lester Levenson did discover a practical way of living day-to-day life from the peaceful QUIET that exists beyond the mind.

More than that…

Now, many spiritual masters and books “talk” about this infinite QUIET state…

But ONLY Releasing gives you the “HOW” to live it – day-in-day-out...

ONLY Releasing can be relied upon as a practical method for living day-to-day life out of the peaceful QUIET that exists beyond the mind.

Which brings us to the primary purpose of the upcoming 7-Day Virtual Infinite Potential Retreat.


There is NO more important transition to make in life than the transition from turbulent “mind-based living” to “QUIET state living”

It is the ONLY true way to escape from all mental despair, anguish and turmoil…

More than that…

It allows for you (in this lifetime) to experience the very UNLIMITEDNESS that you are.

Bottom line is this:

More than anything you’ve ever done…

The simple decision now to make the transition from turbulent “mind-based living” to “QUIET state living”…

Will make THE most positive and profound difference to your life. Period.

And, now there is a DIRECT and practical way to experience this transition from turbulent “mind-based living” to “QUIET state living”.

That’s because…

7-Day Virtual Infinite Potential Retreat is specifically set up and structured to move you into the QUIET state and “anchor” your experience there

So living out of QUIET becomes your ongoing day-to-day experience, even after the tele-course has finished.

This is so important to understand.

Because it’s not enough to experience the QUIET state fleetingly (only to revert right back to being pushed around by mind-made thoughts again).

What needs to happen (what is essential) is that you “anchor” your very Beingness in the QUIET state — so the QUIET state becomes your NATURUAL STATE.

This is what being on the upcoming 7-Day Virtual Infinite Potential Retreat will do for you…

It will "anchor" your Beingness in the QUIET STATE, so it becomes your everyday NATURAL STATE

This will be achieved through the active guidance of ADVANCED Releasing processes.

Throughout the tele-course the expert releasers will guide you through ADVANCED Releasing processes… 

In certain deepening sequences.

At this point Releasing becomes like breathing for you.

Once your Beingness is “anchored” in the QUIET state, Releasing continues happening (long after the tele-course) without you having to remember to actively do it.

Instead, Releasing becomes a natural way of being for you.

This is the pinnacle of Releasing…

Releasing goes from something you do… to something that naturally happens — just like breathing naturally happens.

This is the experience you will be guided into during 7-Day Virtual Infinite Potential Retreat.

After just the first couple of days you will start to feel inwardly clear. Lighter. More peaceful.

By the end of the tele-course you will start to notice outwardly that life is starting to just flow into place for you. Why?

Because when Releasing flows... Life itself flows

When Releasing naturally flows…

Life flows beautifully for you…

Flows abundantly for you…

Everything just gets… BETTER.

You’re happier.

More inwardly content.

And feel “connected” to your Infinity.

It’s both effortless and exhilarating to experience.

This is the state that Lester acquired through releasing.

And this is achievable for you, too.

Why not find out for yourself on the upcoming 7-Day Virtual Infinite Potential Retreat?

Why not use 7-Day Virtual Infinite Potential Retreat to… 

Experience the Joy of just Being Unlimited…


Just like these people have experienced the beautiful aliveness that arises when you live from the QUIET state:

Life Can Get Better In Truly Magical Ways When You Only Decide To Release...


“I felt the presence of Lester in my heart. He’s the real deal. While I have read many books on “spiritual enlightenment” never understood what they meant until this retreat. Those books will most likely continue to live on my bookshelf where I use the Release Technique is something I can and will take with me everywhere. I came here with no or little hope of healing my fibromyalgia, while my pain is not gone totally (yet) I have been able to cut my medicine in half and I have less pain only by using the Release Technique. Releasing is a simple but profound way of achieving freedom and peace – I truly believe anyone can do it! I released significant traumas that I didn’t even remember were there. I feel lighter and happier.” - Amy Betts


“This was my first retreat and I had a change to work with partners which I found very helpful in deepening my understanding of the Release Technique. I was able to release on very deep levels several times, getting to the status of beautiful aliveness. Had many insights about myself. Working in a group environment, feeling high energy momentum. Very positive experience I’ve learned many new things to practice in my everyday life.” - A.D.


“I drove the last 30 miles to Albuquerque on empty. I can finally discriminate between ego and being- ness. I allow myself to choose beingness. I could allow myself to have peace and I let go of the fight. I allowed my butt to be comfortable as the chair. The muscles in my shoulders and neck are looser. My walk is lighter. I am continually happier. I found my ‘never give up’ and am able to embrace it as my own and go forward.” - Dia Vale


“More experience at dropping the mind let go of the past on a much deeper lever also have discovered there major programs that were hidden in incidents of the past. Got way more proficient at seeing the stories in my head and letting them go. Also, dropped the addiction to wanting approval, let go of finding my joy from the world and got a whole fresh intent of dropping wanting and going free bif time nothing stopping me. Got goals and learned more about using them as a means of releasing the garbage the mind brings up. Living more in having rather than wanting. I am happy and feel more freedom from the mind.” - W.D.


“My awareness has increased exponentially and my releasing has become so much easier. These are some exercises in the book that I have had difficulty with the past. During this retreat they have become easier to the point that they just flow. As with all my travels I release to have a safe, uneventful journey no matter what I do.” - T.B.


“I am filled with gratitude and thankfulness to have found Releasing. More than anything I have ever done it has opened the possibilities of living in Beingness, pure joy and peace. This retreat I clearly see how my programs have been operating to create the dis-eased body. I clearly know I have used the dis-eased body to hide as an excuse to not so what I don’t want to do. I continue to release on these health issues and am falling like I can have perfect health – I no longer need to ravish my body to justify anything – BRAVO!!” - Joy Billings


“A fleeting intention before coming and being asked to write an intention, come to me, that I would have permanent change in my awareness. The only intention that came to mind, when asked to write was TO BE MYSELF. I negated this many times and it kept returning and throughout this retreat, it has been an anchor, I used in releasing exercises with profound released. Including one night after a deep release on pride, without realizing more was going on within, I struggled through dinner, shaking and not feeling well, wanting to leave and go to my room. I stay and released along then my mind came up with everything on the way to my room, “see your sick, it’s not working, give up in fact just get out or here now and go home!” I said “oh no you don’t” – I got warm after the cold room downstairs and did the attachment and aversion to doing the mirror exercise. Yes I lifted up and felt the shift. I then sat in front of the mirror with a 10 minute alarm, as I wasn’t sure what would show up, with how I had felt before. In fact I went past that time, I just felt so much love for myself, looking into the soul eyes.” - Karen Seed


“This retreat has brought an awareness of seeing the “end result” for my goals and other things I am holding in mind. Also working on programs and past has been extremely powerful and insightful changing my programs to if they ever see who I really am… etc. resonated deeply and I was hanging to dig up ‘past stuff’ that has plagued me all my life. It is easy and visible so all welcomed.” - V.H.

Take this opportunity to realize for yourself that there is a vast realm of Intelligence beyond thought… and that all things that really matter – beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace – come from living out of the QUIET state; the REAL YOU.

It’s time to awaken to the beautiful alive joy that is ever available to you.

The alternative is to allow the “Thief of the mind” to rob you from experiencing the greatest jewel that exists – the jewel of Infinite QUIET within you.

Why not have outward success; AND inward joy.

It’s an extraordinary way to live life.

Find out for yourself how it’s possible on the upcoming 7-Day Virtual Infinite Potential Retreat:

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