Stop Beating Yourself Up!

I can’t do it. It just won’t happen. Nothing works. I am a failure. I am a loser. I am such a bad person. I will never amount to anything. Why did I even bother?

Can you recognize the pattern? Can you recognize your mind?

We all have it activated. It is programmed into our subconscious mind. It is running there and we take it for granted. We don’t even bother checking out if it is true.

This particular trap is called disapproving of ourselves. It is the ultimate punishment.

We start beating ourselves up. Actually it should be called beating ourselves DOWN. Because that is exactly what is happening. We are grinding ourselves to the ground and at the same time we are blaming someone else for that. Make no mistake about it, there is only one judge, jury and the executor here.

It is you who is doing that! It has always been only you!


It is quite simple actually. Somehow we believe it can change whatever “outside” is that we don’t like. By beating myself up, I can correct my behavior, circumstances or modify the end result of something I don’t like.

How is that working out?

When was the last time you managed to achieve something positive by beating yourself up?

Is beating yourself up a positive thing to do or a negative one?

Can you really change negativity with negativity?

These and all other similar questions have to be answered from within.

Release Technique will continue to show you how to experience those answers for yourself.

Once you properly use the six steps, you start changing your life. Six steps are the key. It is the only key that you need. It is the only key that works with any issue. Remember all the gains from releasers all around the world? It doesn’t matter if it was money related, health issue or spirituality quest. Gains were abundant in all areas!

There is only one crucial thing that needs to be in place. Those gains were not gotten by beating yourself up.

Remember the last time you released something? You were experiencing a feeling that was ugly, stuck, you were resistant to it. You disapproved of it. You disapproved of yourself for having to experience it.

Can you remember the vicious cycle you were in?

And then you decided to apply Step 1. You decided to go for imperturbability. And really, honestly, you decided that it was more important than anything else. You decided to release.

Notice how many times you were beating yourself up for coming up with all these negative feelings. You though it will magically change them. Did it really? Or did it only made them grow stronger.

Now, we know all this. Why do we continue to disapprove of ourselves?

The answer yet again is so simple. It is a strong habit. That is all. It is something that we were doing for a long time. But now it is time to start releasing. It is time to stop beating yourself up. It is time to start the path of Love.

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Of course, you can also continue to beat yourself up. Perhaps this time it will somehow be different. Perhaps you will get a different result.

I caution you to remember the definition of insanity. It is always doing the same thing, but somehow expecting a different result.

Don’t go insane. There is a different way. There is a better path.

Try the Release Technique and never look back again.