Swing for the Fences

Swing for the Fences

Spring training is officially upon us, so let’s talk baseball for a moment. In fact, let’s talk about the Houston Astros. OK. So maybe you don’t like the Astros, but they did win the World Series last year. So, perhaps we can agree to let that be OK for just rightnow? Release on it.

You could compare releasers who spent last week at the Lester’s Way 25th Anniversary Retreat in Sedona to professional baseball players, maybe even the Astros. Let’s picture them just having completed spring training.

They started with a natural ability. Then they spent seven days working tirelessly to hone their skills to play in the Big Leagues. Their batting averages improved steadily, boosted by focused partner exercises and one-on-one coaching for twelve hours each day. They demonstrated regular progress in reporting gains daily.

Everyone who attended the retreat is playing at a very high level now.

For the Astros, spring training is essential. Even the best players in the world do spring training. No one gets to the top of their game without preparation and practice. How do you think that they reach the pinnacle of their sport?

And do you know what else? The Astros players all show up PLANNING to play in the World Series. Not just hoping to make the playoffs. Not hoping for a better season than last year. They actually believe they can and will win the World Championship, again.

So, most of the players from the Lester’s Way Retreat are already making plans to be at their own version of the World Series – The Seven Day Billionaire Boot Camp in Orlando, Florida September 3 – 9, 2023.

Between now and September, these successful graduates will keep their skills sharp with regular practice in upcoming courses like the What I Want To Do When I Grow Up Tele-Course starting March 27th and the Change Your Life Weekend in Philly (starting April 21st).

So, now you get to decide – Are you in . . . Or are you out?

Are you going to take advantage of playing with teammates who are highly dedicated and playing at the top of their game?

Think about it. You’ve been playing in the minors, and all of a sudden, the manager of the Astros invites you to play in the “Bigs” for the rest of the season, promises you personal coaching to bring you up to Major League level, and offers you a spot on the World Series Team.

You don’t even have to try out! You make the team simply by making a choice.

Join them now for the six-week What I Want to Do When I Grow Up Telecourse starting March 27th.

Then, be ready to go for it all, to win the World Series . . . by being with all of your teammates, rolling on a tide of momentum that will be steamrolling into Orlando for the Billionaire Boot Camp Retreat Sept. 3rd.

Ultimate Freedom is the releaser’s World Series. To get there takes commitment and great coaching to go with it. Never before has that been so available.

The only thing you need to do is DECIDE.

The Release Technique Team