Shifra Hendrie

I have never yet been closer to real freedom within myself, and I am understanding life and my own true nature on deeper levels as I go. I feel that I have found a missing link, not just to healing, but to understanding the core principles of Divinity and the Coming Era– and to transmuting the “human condition” at its core…and that most amazing process continues to unfold. You’ll be hearing a lot from me about this in the future…

-Shifra Hendrie
Quantum Healing and Soul

Alexander Loyd

Bestselling author of The Healing Code
Larry Crane is a fabulous human being. His Release Technique will dramatically improve your profits and your performance levels. It enables you to rid yourself of any negative emotions easily and painlessly and puts you in touch with your most successful self. It’s like a positive energy two-by-four between the eyes.

-Dr. Alexander Loyd, N.D., Ph.D
Bestselling author of The Healing Code

Release and Be at Peace

“I just want to express my appreciation for all the good work and energy you are putting out.

Having been on today’s call and having worked with Danny has been very special for me, I experienced that I am someone who was worthy of spending time with and go to a level which I have not embodied before – becoming my own best friend who freely and joyfully gives me ongoing approval and love, whenever I want and wherever I want.

To remind myself of wanting to be in a constant release I have started wearing a bracelet to remind me of my goal. 

I also say to myself Release and be at peace.
Overall feeling so much better in myself – THANK YOU! 

Also want to say that I am also very happy and impressed with all the extras you are giving when joining a course, the support, after-care, materials that are sent via e-mail and by post, the communication channels are working really well, fast response and last but not least the time that you give is price-less. Wish and hope that many more people do the work – the world will look very differently then!” – Dewi

Sharing the Most Loving and Helpful Technique

“Thank you for the info about the CYL course. Yesterday’s teleconference with the teachers was great.  After hearing Rebecca say that she taught her 3 year old how to release, I decided to increase my effort with my daughter who is almost 3.  She’s amazingly good at it and in one second she’s happy again.  This is actually one of the two gains I want to report.
The first gain is about teaching my daughter releasing.  I realized, with a lot of love, that when she cries and throws a “tantrum” it’s because she’s suffering from thwarted desire, and it’s not a kid thing, it’s just like what adults experience.  It was happening a lot lately and I was getting frustrated and exhausted about it.  I had a change of view and now see that she’s suffering and doesn’t understand what’s going on, just like I do a lot of times.  I’m now guiding her to release the sadness.  She wants happiness without sorrow just like everyone else and I figure that the best and most loving action I can take for her is to teach her releasing as early as possible.  You said the same thing yesterday, that the most loving action toward others is to tell them about the method.
The second gain is that I was feeling stuck for a few days while working with the Grow Up course.  My mind had been beating me up with all sorts of “you don’t know how to release anymore” type thoughts and all my releasing attempts felt very shallow and ineffectual.  Today was getting really bad and I decided that I’d go back to basics and allow whatever was there, even if that was all I could do and my rear fell off.  Suddenly I saw that the voice in my head wasn’t my enemy.  It was ME trying to protect myself by creating a lot of noise and confusion, like a large amount of flashing signs warning about a damaged road or a large barking dog trying to dissuade me from getting closer.  Once I saw that, I felt a wave of relaxation and compassion/love towards the voice in my head.  It was my voice trying to protect me.  I had put it in there as a warning that I should leave the area alone.  I switched from trying to release in the third person to suddenly including the voice as ME and taking loving responsibility for it.  I did it, not to me, but FOR me.  I can remember how I used to try to distract myself from emotional pain by thinking about something else, or even focusing my attention so much on a physical sensation that the pain would fade to the background.  These were good strategies for someone who didn’t know better, but now I want to allow and release so I have to disarm my booby traps first.  It’s a very interesting process of having to undo what I did originally out of love and a desire to protect.  The voice is now acting as an ally rather than as what I previously thought of as a voice.  As long as I was viewing my feelings as “it, something out there that’s not me” I was stuck.  As soon as I started seeing them as me, perhaps fragments of me, I gained the ability to do something with them.  I seem to have a choice again.  It also seems that my alarms (resistance) are the disturbance, not the actual emotions that want to leave.”
Thanks for everything (can I ever say it enough?),

Clearing Stress and Negativity to Find Positivity and Improvement

“I heard Larry Crane on The Wisdom Show and it caught my attention. I listened to a replay and released along with Larry on the call and felt lighter, more at peace and happier.  I bought The Abundance Course and worked with it starting August and released more and more and finished it on September. I was diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs Disease aka ALS in 2002 and left my job in June 2011, so I have health issues and money issues that I want to release. I am happier, more at peace, hove noticed physical improvement in my body.  My voice/speech is improving, I am able to walk better and I am building muscle.
I learned that when I clear/release stress, negativity and limiting beliefs my body will heal itself more than 2 years when I learned another method.  I have been clearing/releasing using many methods to clear my negativity and I have seen improvement but was still frustrated and negative.  The Release Technique is so much more than the other methods.  Even though I was clearing issues, I was still disapproving of and beating up my body.  I love the Release Technique, if we learned this as children we wouldn’t have so many of the problems that we all have.
I still have issues to release, so I am doing the Health & Fitness Mastery Course and The Change your Life Course.”