“There is the one thing I am gaining from this course and that is a true loving connection with my self and life.
There is a lovely warm feeling and there is the absence of many unwanted unconscious feelings that were bugging me and they have dissolved for ever. My partner is also doing very well and she is brightening up with more going for her. She originated that she feels safe with me in sessions which was a nice complement.
Now I can feel that everything is perfect without hoping and wanting it to be because it is just fine and everything is unfolding as it should. I am beginning to feel I have attracted a true business opportunity that will train me and set me up financially for life. It is a lovely feeling to have achieved this. Before I started this opportunity I did advantages and disadvantages and released loads of destructive and depressing feelings and programs that would have destroyed this business for me just as they had done on all my past attempts to success. These programs are no longer here any more and I can truly perceive a wonderful feeling of success. I can feel that  lovely feeling that I can soon afford to come once again to advanced courses and do more home study courses again without that horrific feeling “I cannot afford it.”
I am only 2/3 through this course and I am feeling so much better and brighter and a lot more positive than I have felt before and I am beginning to feel what real love feels like. This is a truly workable course and I love it.”
-Lots of love from Michael Tomkins