“The following are my gains from the CYL telecourse on which I have just participated. Altough at first my mind tried to invalidate the value of the gains, after some releasing, I can report:

– I have now more determination to let go of feelings and it seems easier and faster
– I have now more energy and optimism
– It’s easier for me to start feeling happiness and approve of myself
– I have experienced what it felt to be without fear
– I have experienced joy and laughter while releasing
– I have gained more insight into what I feel and saw previously unknown attachments to certain things that made me laugh sometimes
– I have noticed that in one situation I unconsciously wanted to change it and that was the reason it bothered me
– I gave approval to painful spot on the body and the pain left

My mind tells me that these are all small and/or imaginated or “would have happened either way” gains and that I should wait for something of material value to report, but I don’t listen to it anymore 🙂

See you at the Love Yourself Course!”