“I would like to thank you for this wonderful course – Financial Freedom & Lifestyle.  I have had many gains and would like to share some:
I wake up many mornings hearing ‘I love you’ over and over. I Wake up and hear mind chatter and release the want, the trying to figure it out, the disapproval and give myself approval. In CAP it’s a decesion.
Week 1 received an extra $1,600. Week 3 received an extra $2,000.
Week 2 was invited to a mid week vacation at Pebble Beach Pro/AM, had lunch in sky box on hole 18 with beautiful ocean views, all expenses paid. Went to Asilomar – wow!! 
Week 2 also received a letter froma person I have not spoke to or heard from in over ten years. The letter was nice and other nice items were enclosed. I called and spoke with her; we are friends now. This is amazing since we had alot of anger, hurt feelings, etc. between us and the relationship  appeared beyond unresolvable. In the 90-day course, I released on her when doing The Past Exercises. In this course, I am continuing releasing the momentum.
Another gain from the above is knowing that when I surrender to Beingness there is no impatience, there is no time schedule. (I’m a recovered type-A thanks to releasing!!)  The mind is quiet (it’s ok if it occurs, it’s ok if it does not occur, even though I may have a preference). If the mind is not quiet it just means I have more to release. 
I was at a birthday party and one of the kids slammed another kid’s hand in the door. I started sending love, the parents and others took care of the child all okay.
I really realized how we make decesions in traumatic situations. Later my mind chattering with wanting safety and the question, ‘why did I create this situation?’ I Decided to  take responsibility, got in CAP, and released. Later when I got home I did alot of releasing on some old incorrect decesions/beliefs- childhood memories.
I am more loving and choose to be happy in spite of what’s happening. I get positive attracts positive now.”
Thank you so much for everything,