“Thank you for this teleconference. I am writing to share my gains and to say that I have such a tremendous sense of peace and well being flowing through me at this moment.
This course has helped me in a number of ways:
First before I signed up I unexpectedly received checks in the mail – 2 times to cover the amount.  Since I signed up, I have received so much clarity on how things work.  During the week I was able to overcome an amount of resistance.  Also regarding my work and clients, solutions are appearing to me so easily.  I received a promotion in work this past week also and will be making more money as a result.  But more than anything right now I wish to say thank you for helping me release to get to this wonderful feeling (which I am not holding onto) that is flowing through me.  
I also was able to get rid of a lot of physical items from my space that I has been holding on to for some reason “in case I needed them at a future point” – well just like those thoughts, I won’t be needing them. All is well with me.”

Thank you,