“Another Great Week!

I am doing the Goals and Resistance Course for my first time along with my Financial Freedom for the second time…

-Made a profit this week of over $3,000.00 in my stock trades – (FYI these stocks have not moved since prior to the year end)  The profit was even more – but $3,000.00+ was since the class started… 
-Releasing very easily while walking around living my life
-Living Life in CAP
-Purchasing an empty lot for a VERY GOOD price to resell
-Recognizing Resistance; deciding and applying the effort
-Huge shift in energy – more stamina
-Huge Shift on releasing fear – which I did not know was so overt 
-Energy and clarity to zip through a huge amount of paperwork one day
-Planning a fabulous fun filled vacation – opportunities coming from everywhere – everything falling into place!!!
-Since I received my $1,000.00 by releasing only this week I am adding a zero and – know I will receive $10,000.00 by releasing only 

Thank You Sincerely!” – Sue