“I have tried innumerable courses, techniques and methods. When I began using the Release Technique, my gains came fast and were significant. Effortlessly, I was able to sell $250,000 worth of product and service – really, I did not sell as it fell into my lap. Then releasing on people that I was angry at for some reason I found these same people would come up and talk to me and become friendly again with one person even admitting they didn’t know why but they had to forgive and forget their grievance with me.

I attended the Abundance Course in Denver and when I arrived back home (250 miles from Denver) I received over $7,000, which was completely unexpected. I have never consistently had more money nor have I consistently had more work and business since beginning to release. People from the past have begun coming back into my life – some for a moment and some to stay for longer. Some people have dropped away and I realize that this is all my choice – it’s wonderful.

One of my biggest gains just happened yesterday – I found myself not being able to release a big hit of energy. I went through everything I had learned thus far and could not get it to budge. I called the support line and in less than one minute they had helped me find that I had extreme anger at myself. After releasing this, my world, my perception and love for myself have completely changed.” – Gordon Bray