“A thank you seems inadequate to appreciate you and the Lester for the gift of releasing. Yesterday I attended a karaoke party for a friend, never being to one before, I found myself singing all the songs through beingness, my voice was strong, dynamic and powerful. I haven’t ever sung some of the songs, didn’t know some of them and sang them anyway. I experienced witnessing/beingness through me. My friends and I were amazed. It feels like love working through me, the joy is inexplicable. I am moved to tears many times through the days, feeling so much gratitude it feels like breath or air. My sleeping patterns have been just a few hours a night, yet experiencing incredible energy and clear thinking during the day. Every day seems serendipitous with people meeting me, appearing at the perfect time to meet every my every desire. I am experiencing new, never felt emotions and realizing it’s all a movie that I am directing.” – C.C.