“Thank you to everyone so much for your energy, wisdom, dedication and patience.

I really like the teleconference style, and not having to travel anywhere, etc. It was also great to have it over two weekends, because for me alot of stuff came up between the weekends that I released with my partner and coach. The hotline is also helpful when you feel completely stuck. Awesome program.
I was feeling great after the call yesterday.
Just a sense of peace and calm and happiness with everything just as it is.
No anxiety to get a bunch of things done before Monday, etc.
I see now how the fear and anxiety was such a happiness killer in the past. (And I didn’t even realize why it was happening – I just felt that way).
Then this morning I initially woke up feeling it was Monday and I was tired and had a lot to do, and was going to work that I didn’t want to do… but I thought that is just a story coming up so I can release it! – Oops look what I created! I then started releasing before I got out of bed… And before you know it I was feeling great again. Feeling full of opportunities and things are all good
I’m still feeling great and just wrote down a note to get a notepad to put my goals and release on them and then circle them and write I did it! – Once they happen or are done.
I know it works and will keep doing it. I love this feeling!!!
I can’t say that I have ever felt it before.
The feeling of expandness and that things are possible… just because.
thank you Larry, teachers, and everyone for the Release Technique and for all of your time and help. It means so much!
God Bless!” – Skylar