“After listening for the 6th time to the clean up CD, I had the most wonderful release on acceptance.  I thought I was in harmony with giving myself acceptance and didn’t see the need for it when all of a sudden I got all these pictures from childhood of having to swim perfectly,ride my bike perfectly, play baseball, riding horses, etc.  This was the biggest energy ever, that I had been holding on in all areas of my life.  I realized that I had imposed this upon myself , not for my parents love or my friends or groups.  I had this tightness all through my body and when I started to release and could be silly bugger if I chose all the stiffness and lack of flexibility in my mind and body poured out of me. 

I laughed so much at the recognition and am now feeling free and my understanding of control opened up as well.  I’m a new loving person of myself and all. Thanks a million.”

Much love,