“After the end of the retreat, was the happiest and quietest I’ve ever been. On the way back I realized that this is not a temporary “seminar effect”, but something within me that I uncovered. During the retreat, had the intention of letting go of the perfect program. On one of the days, I released a big chuck of it that held most of my life’s limitations together – the belief that I must not make mistakes and do everything right on the first time.3. When getting back home, noticed that I dropped my aversion to work. It doesn’t seem to matter now – it’s about my feelings, and has nothing to do with work – so I choose to love it and it’s OK to do it.4. When doing the past exercise at the retreat with a partner, I had the privilege of working with a very intuitive woman, who seemed to really see what I’m holding on to, beyond my spoken words.She guided me to let go of some past grudges that I wasn’t aware of, and it was extremely relieving.After that exercise, I noticed that I can do the same thing with people – feel what they’re feeling and helping them see what they hold on to subconsciously.5. Was able to let go of identifying with the body and release a big chunk of fear, and spontaneously drop the body on the floor without any concern.The experience after that was pure beingness – seeing that body as just another object and resting as I AM.6. During the exercise on separation, was able to see beyond the physical – was able to experience the pure beingness of things and people beyond their physical form.I was looking at a tree and saw its is-ness, or tree-ness, and the physical form looked like an illusionary cover.I also saw people that way – stopped looking at them physically and started looking directly at their inner being.7. Realized how much I’ve taken my joy from the outside and let it go – experienced being totally fulfilled from within and proved it to myself by refraining from various distractions, like coffee, walking on the beach, etc. and feeling extremely happy without it.8. For the first time, was completely open and focused when listening to Lester, and just kept releasing and experiencing my beingness while he talks.Got very enthusiastic about listening to him, and since the retreat, allowed myself to listen to lots of Lester talks and keep releasing while listening.9. During the first days of the retreat came up wanting approval from everyone, and I set an intention to let it all go while at the retreat.I experienced deep love from within, and it seems that a lot of it was dropped.10. Enjoyed much the power of group releasing, and allowed myself to open fully while waves of energy come up to leave.Recognized that this is a good enough reason to be at retreats, because it allows for much deeper releasing than when doing it alone or with one partner.11. When getting back home, cracked with laughter, that went on for hours. A lot of automatic patterns started coming up and leave easily, and they still do.12. Having a very solid intention for the next period of my life – which is just following Lester’s path and allowing the world to stir me up into freedom.13. The way back home – flights, logistics – was perfect and joyful. I slept well on the flights and got home in a very energetic state.14. During the whole retreat, I noticed that each time a person brings up a subject he wants to release on, it’s exactly what I need – otherwise I wouldn’t experience it. So I used that to my advantage and kept releasing on my issues by just allowing people to bring them up.15. One of my intentions was to let go of all my feelings around relationships with women.When there was group releasing on wanting to kill fear of death, I had an intense want to kill my sister coming up and leaving – which seemed to be at the core of the issue.After that I experienced a much greater love and acceptance for women. I also noticed that until the end of the retreat, I was much more attracted to releasing with women partners than men, and I was more open to their intuition – which is a nice shift.16. Realized that love has nothing to do with complying, giving attention, being nice, agreeing, or all the other things that I associated love with.Allowed myself to really love people while honoring myself and doing only what I actually like to do.17. Released and allowed myself to share the method with a random person that I came by at the retreat center.18. Much more patient with myself than before, allowing myself to make as much mistakes as I need in order to get something right.19. Seeing how everything changes while the basic truth doesn’t change.20. Less concerned about food and sleep.21. Less concerned about anything whatsoever, all the worst scenarios that I could imagine seem weaker and insignificant.” – O.G.