“Had some breakthroughs over the last couple days from going deeper than ever on releasing fear. I brought up every fear I could imagine and even more came up as I released. When I got stuck or overwhelmed I’d say to myself, I’m gonna let go of every ounce of fear even if it kills me first. That decision seemed to take my releasing to the next level. Today I went out and about with my best friend and we had the most beautiful afternoon, it was like I walking in a happy dream wherever we went. The loving, free feeling I tapped into was hard to describe. I just felt a radiating positivity that seem to affect everyone around me. Something clicked today, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that the happy feeling inside is what we are looking for, not the outer conditions. There’s nothing that tops it. As you say, “happiness is not in a green piece of paper.” or anything for that matter, it’s in us. I couldn’t be happier finding the Release Technique. I’m in awe of the power of releasing.I can’t believe more people aren’t doing this. I guess we have to live out our subconscious garbage until we’re ready to let it go. My life is transforming before my eyes and I’m letting it go and allowing it to get even better.” – Jeff