“Hi Larry,
I took your 30-Day financial freedom, plus extension and change your life this spring.

While at the class money was coming good that month. After the class I created some kind of helish experience, decided to move to Utah from state of Washington and for these past 2 months got pushed in every way possible. On the third day of our arrival here my beloved cat Shiva has disappeared, and no matter what I did she could not be found, and I employed every method to find her. Even talked with Danny and Dennis.
Well what an opportunity to release all hidden stuff, and after last week teleconference I did so much, I fell in peace, I was no longer perturb by any events. I am returning to Washington now this Saturday, to a nice house, and it would be so nice to take my missing, most beloved cat with me.
I decided yesterday to take a day and create a miracle:

I got quiet and thought if Shiva can appear next to me in my night dream then why not in my day dream?
I called on Lester and Jesus and with my permission asked them (commanded them) that they are to teleport Shiva into my house, the same way I see her appear in my night dream.
Then I held the image for the rest of the day as if she has already come back, I saw her in the yard, I saw her inside of the house, I called her name and whisled for her as I used to when she was with me.
Before going to bed at night I took a piece of my clothing  and placed it on the fence outside, put out a small bowl of food on the stairs and left the dog door opened. I was in an attitude of gratitude.
This morning I woke up, and started to go down the stairs as Shiva my cat started to go up the stairs, we met in the middle I scooped her in my arms with such knowingness  (not surprise at all) I just knew that I knew that she would appear in my day dream and rest is history.
Now I know I can do anything, as miracles are just positive thoughts and acting as if it already happened and
not questioning how.
No physical action was required on my part, she appeared out of nowhere in front of me.
I am forever changed by this.”
love, Nadja