“My Gains:

-I used to have an IRS problem caused by my last employer. It didn’t report the correct amount of taxes that we paid to the government in the beginning of 2010. While at Asilomar, the problem was solved by itself and I got a restitution of $1,000.00.

-The individual assistance in releasing fear of dying given by Larry brought me a level of releasing much deeper than anything before. I went into a space of complete peace and quiet.

-On the beginning of the second day I completely dis-identified with my mind and got a poweful clarity that stayed with me throughout the whole retreat and after it.

-My travel back to Brasil was totally in the flow. Even though apparent “issues” seemed to arise they resolved themselves without my help and I never arrived so early before.

-I uncovered a deep memory from when I was 9 years old that was creating a program and I was able to release them. The funny thing to me is that I don’t remember much about childhood and what I remember is fuzzy and unreal, but this memory was very clear and almost solid, to the point that I even knew the names and surnames of the boy and the girl involved.

-I unexpectedly received $1,400 .00

-I began the second day with a headache and stuffy nose, and it all cleared for good after one hour into the class

-I feel lighter, happier and much more loving than when I arrived at the retreat. My mind is much quieter and whatever thoughts show up are easily released.

Thank you for the awesome retreat!” – Mário