“Every day I feel more whole and complete while being in harmony and having, and I am letting it go and allowing it to expand using step six.
I keep focused on turning everything over to Beingness and continue to focus on the Six Steps.
It is very, very helpful to me to give love and approval to my resistance before I let go of wanting if I am the least bit stuck.
I am ever so grateful to Rebecca for her guidance and course.  Being in her class comes at the perfect time for me to get yet another fabulous lift to Being in stepping into having and letting go of wanting.
I decided that I would lose 5 to 10 lbs. just to practice demonstration, and I have lost 2 lbs. since starting Rebecca’s course last Monday!  I decided that I would do it by setting the goal of easily losing 4 ounces or more every day rather than looking at a bigger goal that might have stopped me in the past.  Doing this daily and meeting very small goals successfully is just the ticket for me!
I also appreciate the mutuality exercise and have not used all of it recently.  I had forgotten how fabulous that exercise is.  Thanks to Rebecca for reminding us about it.
It’s a huge benefit to put Rebecca’s clear insight and calming supportive energy to such good use with her suggestions during her calls.  Namaste, Rebecca.  You rock!
Also really love rating separate body parts in the belief questionnaire for Rebecca’s course. That has been a wonderful eye opener and chance to release wanting/disapproval that I intend to make ongoing.  Easy to get to a 10 when I was at an 8 or 9 which were the lowest. Never thought of letting go of wanting in exactly this way with my body before.  Fabulous!
My mechanic did a diagnostic on my car for free this morning while I was on the CAP call. Nice material gain. Also do not need a new compressor.  Very nice material gain.  Probably $700.
Thanks to all for these wonderful courses and support.  The gains don’t stop when they are over.  We just keep going up.
Namaste…” – Cecilia