“First I just want to say thank you for the Release Technique and for all that you’ve done to get Lester’s message and method to the world.  It has helped me enormously and I really am grateful.

Mostly, I’ve just felt much more peaceful and accepting and courageous about life in general and about some specific issues, but there have been tangible gains as well.

A few weeks ago I was traveling and made a point of loving everyone who crossed my path, at the airports and just raining love down on the entire city as I looked out the plane window.  Stuff like that.  Then the next day I got an email from my school with my tuition bill.  Up came the resistance — “oh no, now I pay.”  Then I thought how silly that was because I had chosen to do this and so I let go of the resistance and opened the email.  For some reason I don’t know (and don’t need to know) they charged me a hugely reduced tuition rate on all but one of the credits I’d signed up for, and the bill for the semester was about $7,000 less than I had anticipated.  My mind would never have thought to hope for that.

When I was on my way home from Asilomar I was starting to get anxious about a pest situation at home.  Just before I left home for two weeks there had been mice in my kitchen, and I didn’t have time to handle it properly before I had to leave.  So I was dreading getting home and finding who knows what kind of infestation or whatever.  So I was releasing and releasing all the way home and got to the point where I was fairly imperturbable about it; if there were mice at home, well, that would be okay.  (And if there weren’t that was okay too.)  There weren’t.  There was evidence that the mice had not been there at all while I was gone.

And while I was at Asilomar I was getting worried about one of my professors being hard on me for missing class that week and on other occasions as well. I worked on it with Ken while I was there and it helped a lot, I got imperturbable about it and then after I got back to school this week I spoke with the professor and she just wasn’t bothered by my absences.  So it’s okay.  And when I went to talk with her I was remarkably calm about it (for me) and loving her and it went better than I would have expected.

I’ve attended the retreats (Camp Allen and Asilomar) solely to further my own growth.  Meeting people has not been a motivation at all.  Yet it’s been a great fringe benefit.  I’ve made some wonderful, wonderful new friends and feel so blessed to know them.  Yesterday I visited Ruth’s farm and had a riding lesson and it was such a delight. 
The last time I was on a horse before yesterday was nearly twenty years ago and I was always comfortable with it, but Ruth started talking about people wanting to wear helmets (after she offered me one and I declined) and fear of falling off and so then I had this picture in my head of falling off the horse.  Then she pointed out that the picture had come up and we had a good laugh remembering your story of falling out of bed at Asilomar.  Anyway, I decided it would be okay if I did fall off the horse.  Even if I fell in the horse poop.  That wouldn’t perturb me.  (Honestly it didn’t even cross my mind that falling off would cause me pain or injury — just that it would be embarrassing and inconvenient and dirty and gross.)  I didn’t fall off.  🙂

I’m totally loving this Release Technique stuff, so my heartfelt thanks again to you and Lester and all the teachers and all the releasers….”