“Just to let you know of my experience of 3 weeks of doing the Abundance Course. I have several areas of arthritis, in my foot, left hip and also starting in the right hip, as well as sciatica in my left leg. Since I started the course, the arthritis is receding day by day and I have stopped taking the painkillers for the sciatica. There are also some other aches and pains which are clearing up. The releasing has enabled me to become more calm and in control of my emotions. In fact last week when I had a major problem with my computer, I was amazingly able to stay calm throughout the problem (about 4 or 5 hours) until it was solved. Previously I would have been screaming and shouting, and not accomplishing too much. I have listened to all the CD’s and am starting at the beginning again. I’m finding that the more I delve into the mind, the more I find to let go.”

With gratitude,
Ian Stead