“After releasing a lot on figuring things out, I don’t check with my mind for answers about money or anything else for that matter as it’s totally futile. Finances are easier and easier as I continue releasing; I’m not worried about money / finances and I don’t need to check my bank account to feel safe. I continually release using goals from Relationship Course “I allow myself to totally love and accept ______ no matter what” and I feel more and more loving of people in my life and myself particularly when I focus on the things that bother me. I feel totally peaceful and loving at all times while at work – this is a huge gain from where I used to be. I totally let go of remaning feelings about my father’s passing 9 years ago– I’ve let go of years of disapproval / beating myself up about money and I feel much more positive overall– As I feel more and more loving all of my goals feel more possible – this feels much, much better than using my mind.” – L.M.