“When I used to live in California I had a factory job working for the LA Soap Company. In 1987 they went out of business. I had been working there for 11 years, so I was vested in the pension. During the year after they closed, they sent me a letter confirming that I was vested in the pension and that I would be eligible to start receiving my payments beginning August 1, 2012! That letter mentioned contacting them a few months before my date. I never got around to contacting them, but just yesterday I received a letter in the mail from some insurance company in Illinois. I opened it and saw that this was about my pension! LA Soap had bought an annuity with them for me – to pay my pension benefits .It’s funny how our thoughts play out in the world. I called them and was told that I’d start getting my payments on August 1, 2012.” – J.P.