“I just want to express my appreciation for all the good work and energy you are putting out.

Having been on today’s call and having worked with Danny has been very special for me, I experienced that I am someone who was worthy of spending time with and go to a level which I have not embodied before – becoming my own best friend who freely and joyfully gives me ongoing approval and love, whenever I want and wherever I want.

To remind myself of wanting to be in a constant release I have started wearing a bracelet to remind me of my goal. 

I also say to myself Release and be at peace.
Overall feeling so much better in myself – THANK YOU! 

Also want to say that I am also very happy and impressed with all the extras you are giving when joining a course, the support, after-care, materials that are sent via e-mail and by post, the communication channels are working really well, fast response and last but not least the time that you give is price-less. Wish and hope that many more people do the work – the world will look very differently then!” – Dewi