“I would like to express my utter gratitude for the great course of Release Technique. Since I received “The Abundance Course” in August 23 2009, I have never lived one day without exercising it.The Abundance Course is not an ordinary or conventional course, the course is deep and insightful, and it fosters and deepens our insight and develops the great human quality. It is hard to find words to say enough about what you have brought to us in your teaching, and the gift you have bestowed upon humanity in general. It is beyond belief, it is the course that truly brings joy and happiness and true abundance, material and spiritual.The followings are some of abundance and gains I have experienced:1) Quitting a long time medication and relief from all sorts of medical condition that I thought I had.2) Losing 30 lb. of weight3) Quitting smoking immediately, only after two and a half month of receiving the course. 4) Becoming an athlete and using sports as my of life routine5) Taking the Master Degree comprehensive exam for which I studied only 5 days on 6 exams and passing them all with flying colors.The lists are much longer, and they are non-ending. Dear Larry, I wish you the best and I hope that everyone who comes to become a releaser will always reap all the great benefits that come along with all the courses you offer.” – A.H.