“Thank you Larry for a wonderful class tonight. My overall approach to my feelings is MUCH DIFFERENT than what it’s been all of my life. Although they may feel uncomfortable I’m not intimidated by them. I used to stop functioning. What a breakthrough! I haven’t succumbed to the negativity it brings. I just show it the door! I love my partner. She was very patient and we didn’t let each other off the hook until everything was released. It took over 3 hours and yes that was strictly releasing, not gabbing! We did talk some after the three hours. Also people’s demeanor around me has changed for the better — warmer and friendlier.

Also, my financial person told me that in addition to the $4,600.00 I earned since January 1st, the last two days brought me an additional $3,000.00! More importantly, after Larry’s work with me for my performance anxiety I took the approach to heart and proved to myself that day that becoming free is more important than someone’s opinion of my playing. I’m really more often able to see that offering up love is the route to take. I’m also releasing with my G and R partner and cleaning up even more stuff.

Thank you again for keeping all of us on track!” – S.B.