“We had roofers come out to estimate repair.The inspector said we had hail damage all over and he thought we could get the insurance company to cover it. Insurance guys came out and said they’d cover part of it. My husband and original inspector discussed it and decided to pursue getting whole thing covered as there was damage all over the roof, not just partial as was stated in report. I released on it, whatever happens is fine.They called insurance company and spoke to managers and showed them contradictions in their own report. Insurance company came back and said they would pay for it all! Saved us $12,000! And the new roof looks beautiful! Today’s gainI’ve been releasing all weekend with the goals and resistance cd’s,This morning my coworker offered to split all her appraisals with me 50/50! I had taken photos for her because I knew she had some appraisals due and she was running behind. She can’t seem to get good pictures of the jewelry whereas mine come out great. Because she can’t keep up with them all and I can save her a lot of time by taking pictures of the jewelry for her. That gain will amount to another $500-1000.00/month for me!” – J.B.