“Thanks for a great week! Wanted to give you 3 gains that came in the last 24hrs from the retreat:
1-  I’ve had Epstein Barr in my system for the past year. Shortly before I came to the retreat I had it checked and it was rampant in my body. I had it checked today and it is virtually gone!
2-   My atlas before the retreat was going out on a daily basis and I was visiting the chiropractor about 3-4 times a week just to keep out of pain. I went to see her today and the atlas stayed in all week even though I lifted bags, fell a number of times, sat in weird positions, and stayed in uncomfortable positions on the airplane. That was pretty amazing!!
3-   My flight from Monterrey was delayed and I would have missed my San Francisco connection, but I got a ride to San Francisco and made it within minutes.
Pretty cool huh? Meanwhile, I told a girlfriend about it today and she wants the Abundance Course.
Look forward to being with you again soon in a few months…” – Sandy