“Thank you for the wonderful programs that you allow us to take part in, it is fantistic. My life has changed so very much and I love it, I look forward taking the next class with Ken and Rebecca, then I will take the 90-days. My gains for the few weeks were amazing, the first day my gain was $700.00 then $500.00 the first week, then last week’s gains were $1,000 plus $500. I also was able to get my Deed for my Florida property restored to my name after two years, that the bank ilegally took from me, and give it back to me which I have a lawsuit on them for voilating a bankruptcy code, which I know I will win also. I am so greatful for the release technique that help me to remove all of my negitivity and replace it with love and kindness.”
With Gratitude, 
Meena Persad