“I was having a problem renegotiating the rent as the landlord decided we were far from paying enough for the type of house I live in. I decided I would either pay up to 2000 or look for another house, maybe buy one. My question was if this is the time to look for the perfect house to buy or should I wait a bit longer. The answer should come from releasing, so decided that I would propose 1800 and if he decided it wasn’t acceptable between 1800 and 2000, that would be the sign that I should not negotiate any further and look for a new house now. Then I went for a Releasing Walk. When I got back he accepted the 1800.

-Even though Jordana is in Mexico at a hotel with bad internet, it worked fine during our daily releasing sessions for this course.

-Satisfaction = free, desireless, peace of mind, happy, quiet mind, nothing to change or do. All the resistence/aversion comes from my mind/I have to do something..

-I went to a rock concert in the day before holidays, and that always means heavy traffic in São Paulo. I checked the internet and the traffic was indeed really heavy in many places. So, I left a bit early than I needed and release all the way. There was almost no traffic all the way to the concert and I could even watch the opening band that I normally don’t get to see because of normal traffic.

-While waiting for the main band to start I worked on Att&Av to wanting to change myself and realized that the main reason I have an attachment to wanting to change is that it allows me to experience a bit of how I would feel if I had the goal along with the wanting to change. Something like “this is as far as you will feel how it is to have the goal unless you have it/change it”. Then I saw that the reason I could never fully get into experiencing “already having my goal” was that it came with a “You don’t have it so you have to change yourself and your life” tag. It was a program running and to me that was the normal way of experiencing. Now I can get more fully into the experience of having.

-I got U$50.000,00

-It’s easier now to release feelings by releasing the wants behind it. I used to watch the energy leave and that would take a while and would never feel really complete. I had a shift in perspective that made it easier to release them because my focus changed from watching the energy leave to just seeing the body as opened and knowing the energy would leave by itself. This way it evaporated faster and in a more complete way. But now it got even easier just by focusing on the wants and letting them go without caring much for the energy. It just dissolves by itself.

-Driving has always been a challenge and now it’s ok. Some moments would require more releasing, but in general it doesn’t even bother.” – Mário Califfa