“Larry, Thanks for a great course. It has renewed my commitment to releasing. It has been a little over 3 years since I last took a course. I have released the last 3 years but not with the focus and clarity that I needed. I was involved in other spiritual practices that were helpful but often left me floating above my garbage and not really cleaning up my agflap. I am doing attachments and aversions with a greater clarity and sense of the benefit than I ever had before. I have been working about 3 hours every morning doing attachment and aversions. I also I am listenting to Lester’s demonstration cd over and over and each time I listen I gain greater clarity and insight. I really understand when Lester said that we have to become a winner in life. I had fallen into a subtle spiritual trap that being a winner was not important. I am committed to being a winner and being imperturbable. I am also doing goal charts at a much deeper level than I ever did before. I am uncovering the subconscious resistance with greater ease. I see how agflap can bite me in the butt if i am not vigilant in my releasing. It certainly appeared in my relationship with my dad and I am taking 100% responsibility for it rather than blaming my dad which is what I had started to do. Taking 100% responsibility and releasing has moved me out of agflap quckly. It can still be a challenge at times but I have the tools to release my butt off when things get difficult. I just received the most money I ever made in a month yesterday in an educational consulting job that dropped in my lap last month and pays $60 an hour. I had been releasing on having $3000 or more each month by releasing only and this opportunity appeared out of the blue. I didn’t go looking for the job since I had just retired from teaching. They called me and offered me the job and I love what I am doing and releasing on any feelings of fear or not being good enough. I am committed to using the butt system and getting everything by releasing only. My aversion to money is dropping away. I see that the greatest action I can take is releasing. There is still a lot of releasing work to do but I have greater clarity and determination than ever. I am learning to really love myself and stop beating myself up which has been my greatest challenge along with letting go of fear and worry.(listen to that cd every morning) When I really love myself and let go of beating myself up or wanting approval and release all my fear and move into courageousness, acceptance and peace, life gets a lot easier. I am taking “LoveYourself and Let the Other Person Have it your way” as my next step. It is the exact area that I am really working on. Thanks again!” – R.K.