“I own a farm in which I rent out the land. After about 3 yearsI would normally adjust the rent to the gentleman who rents it.We write a contract that lasts for 3 years. Well, over the last couple of years commodity prices for corn and soybeans went pretty high. My contract with the tenant had another year left on it, so I decided to wait. While this was happening, I was listening to the goals and resistance cd’s while I was painting in my house. One night while listening and painting, my renter called me and said he would like to increase his rent payment before the first of the year! So, now I’m receiving $300 a month more! And it will go up considerably each year after for 3 more years! I never said a word to anyone about raising the rent. I felt a contract was a contract and I had to honor that.I have to say, he has been my neighbor all my life and his family and I are good friends and he is a good honest man.” – T.L.