“My gains are many. I have achieved my goal this weekend – it was a relationship goal. I will never become content and stop releasing. This 90-day program is astounding. The $35,000 money gain seems less important than the life change it has brought. My beingness is in charge and my mind is a very minor player…..I am not ruled by my mind and all things effortlessly unfold. I have re-learned so very much along the way that my life is changed. 

I most importantly now understand who I am: An all loving infinite being who is connected to every single person globally and beyond – as well as to the source of all beingness. I am quiet and live without reaction and I am far more harmonious with every thing and everyone. I can change my state in a moment most of the time and radiate a love that I know is felt far and wide. 

I have learned how to love a situation that most anyone could not fathom loving and how the true and unconditional love turns a situation completely around. 
I have taken it for checking as we say- seemingly impossible becomes better than possible. 

I am sure the way I feel when full of a radiating loving presence that I am is the cure for anything.” – Jean