“Recently, just before retiring, I downloaded the latest copy of the Release magazine.  I was quickly scrolling through the issue when I spotted a page on the Butt System.  I stopped scrolling to read the page.  Then I came up with the thought that I knew the Butt System because I had been to multiple live classes and I’ve done the Goals & Resistance course, the Programs course, etc.  I continued my scrolling and soon went to sleep. 
I awoke the next morning with a clear understanding that I had listened to my mind and my ego.  I fired up the computer, went to the Release Technique web site and within a minute or so I placed my order for the Butt System CDs, which I now listen to daily.  Yes, I did encounter the Butt system before.  However, it’s like I’m now hearing the Butt system for the first time.  These CDs are another wonderful addition to help me build Releasing momentum.” – Jerry Wheeling, Il