“I have been feeling really good since the start of the 30-day program.  I had an issue come up this morning that I felt irritated and annoyed by.  I was saying “Yes” to the feeling and it was getting a bit better, so I was going to sit down and do some more releasing.  My husband was totally unperturbed by it.  When I noticed that he was still smiling, I immediately let go of my feelings of anger. I saw how wonderful it was not to allow myself to be run by anger, and if he could do it, then I could do it too.  He has been feeling lighter and lighter since the start of this course.  We have done a lot of different workshops and courses, but I have never seen a difference like this.  This is the best thing we have ever done.

Also, I have been wanting to share something for a while now, and I didn’t because I thought it wouldn’t sound nice, or come across the way I meant it.  Now, I really don’t care (Thank you for that!). My husband and I started taking a different method about five years ago.  He got some benefits from it, but I didn’t. I was extremely motivated to let go of the pain I felt, and I did the CD’s and the exercises for hours every day.  I never felt any better, and a lot of the time I felt worse than when I started.  When we took a live course from one of the instructors, she had some of Lester’s Release Technique CD’s for sale that she had bought from you.  When I listened to them, I found what I was looking for.  I also realized that (to me at least) the other method was not what Lester was talking about.  When we found out about the Release Technique, it took me a while to give it a chance, because I didn’t want to spend more time digging up old AGFLAP.  Once we actually bought the Abundance Course, I was thrilled to find that there is someone sharing Lester’s message.  Thank you for that.  I finally got what Lester meant about getting high to release.  Your method taught me how to get out of my AGFLAP to release it, not dig it up and try to release it from there.

I am motivated to continue with the Release Technique and get all the good out of it.  I’m not stopping.  Thank you for making this available to people.

With Love.” – Tamara