The End To Struggling!

The End To Struggling!

”Letting Go of Struggling”

If we are struggling for any reason, it is simply because we are holding in mind that things are difficult. We all know what struggling feels like. What we may not realize, is that we are the ones who are sustaining the struggle by wanting to be right or by believing we have to struggle in order to get what we would like to have. Holding onto fear, anger or other frustrations also sustains the struggle. The moment we surrender to being resolved about an issue, allows for forward progress to begin. Letting go of struggle includes a willingness to be resolved about an issue or perhaps noticing a decision to experience something else. In the moment that we decide to see things from a positive perspective, results in our creating a path that that wasn’t previously noticeable to us. Remember when you decide to have a positive intention such as, “I allow myself to be peacefully resolved with whatever you are working on (i.e. goal…, weight…, health…, financial or relationship issues), that’s what you are holding in mind. 

Struggling is an emotional dilemma that we are creating. The minute we stop struggling and honestly make a decision to favorably do or not do something, the matter begins to undo itself. So as Lester Levenson has said, “When there are problems, if we would love more they would disappear. When the love is complete, the problem dissolves immediately.” This suggestion is pointing out that whatever we are challenged by, is because we don’t like that situation. In order for something to change, we have to be in acceptance of it. If we are arguing, struggling, or insisting on being right, we are only aggravating ourselves and sustaining the problem further.

Ask yourself if worrying or complaining has ever resolved anything? Honestly, neither has helped you to achieve a positive outcome. Worry is in the realm of fear. And although complaining may also be associated with fear; it most likely falls into the category of pride, or possibly lust. The good news is if we can recognize our own limitations, we can move past them. Letting go of struggling is quite simply making a decision to examine our thinking and correct what we are holding in mind. Remember we cannot ‘want’ and ‘have’ at the same time. Wanting is lusting and is also an admission of lack. It is saying we don’t have it, and don’t know how to get it for ourselves. Having of anything is always experienced in the realms of courageousness, acceptance, or peace. When we have something, or have positively acquired our goal, all associated wanting stops, along with any remaining struggle. Struggling to figure it out also subsides. So having-ness is actually an experiential process. Once we understand this, we can begin to have better outcomes more of the time.

By holding in mind ONLY what we want allows for us to overturn any obstacle! Another way of saying this is, “There are NO impossibles!” If you knew you couldn’t fail, where is the obstacle? The obstacle or limitations exist in the form of beliefs such as “I can’t! I won’t! It’ll never work out! It’s too hard! It’s too scary!” These thoughts are creating issues related to difficulty and struggle. Notice if we replace thoughts of limitation with more positive choices we are letting go of feeling challenged negatively. We are also creating much better outcomes for ourselves. For example, if we say, “I can easily take care of this request! This is a wonderful plan! This can be handled easily! I am looking so forward to working on this project!” By holding in mind better outcomes, also feels better. A positive intention always includes a positive result which is what the Law of Attraction is all about. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. How can it be otherwise? Our thoughts create our realities and not the other way around.

So by deciding to let go of the habit of struggling and utilizing better intentions or choices, allows for us to become more confident and successful. Therefore each positive intention is like a seed within a garden. Each positive seed will produce more of the same. Struggling is simply a choice. Change your mind and everything changes.

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