The Recipe for a Bountiful Life

Recipe for a Bountiful Life

Still think wishing will make you successful?

Think if you just try harder, try something new, or try to be better …

Then you’ll finally be successful?

The hard truth is, you will never succeed so long as you have subconscious programs holding you back.

You will sabotage your success, again and again, no matter how much effort or willpower you exert.

What you need is a plan based on a PROVEN METHOD—a habit you can develop and master, which will lead you to success in all areas of your life.

Developing this one very specific habit will be your key—your ultimate “inner strategy” for long-term success in all areas of your life.

RELEASING is this habit.

Releasing is the “ultimate action” you will ever take. Specifically, Releasing to a state of love and gratitude is the most effective thing you can do to move you powerfully in the direction of the highest achievement, most radiant health, lasting happiness, and financial freedom.

As you make Releasing your non-loving feelings a constant practice, you will immediately begin noticing positive shifts in the way you think, feel, and act.

What you give out, is what you get back. When you come from a place of love and gratitude, your life naturally fills up with more things to love.

You will find yourself taking actions and making decisions based on a new, freer, more positive self-concept — which was impossible before you released the old, limiting image you held of yourself in your subconscious mind.

This simple strategy of Releasing is the most effective technique ever developed for unleashing our highest “success qualities.”

It works at the level of your “inner” consciousness — of which your outer life is but a mere reflection.

Just as combing your hair will result in an immediate shift in your reflection in a mirror, so too will shifting your inner mind and mental condition create an instant shift in your life.

Don’t like the way you start and stop projects—sabotaging your success in a very predictable cycle? Take the most effective action there is—RELEASING.

Don’t like the way you make money only to have it burn a hole in your pocket before you can accumulate anything significant? Take the most effective action there is RELEASING.

Don’t like the way you predictably sabotage the love in your relationships? Take the most effective action there is—RELEASING.

Have a habit—smoking, overeating, drinking, gambling, complaining, etc.—that you just can’t seem to stop using willpower? Take the most effective action there is—RELEASING.

Have a stubborn health issue and you’ve tried everything to overcome it to no avail? Take the most effective action there is—RELEASING.

Stop wasting your will and effort in ineffective (and non-loving) directions.

You MUST ALWAYS make an “inner shift” to create any lasting outer change in your life experience. Releasing makes this inner shift at the deepest levels and does so quickly and easily. It is foolproof.

As you see the contents of your mind (just like reading a menu) and apply Releasing to the limits, patterns, and painful, negative emotions—they dissolve—instantly.

Because, when you’re releasing, you’re not thinking. When you’re thinking, you’re not releasing.

And the mind never takes a day (or even a minute) off.

Releasing works by pulling up the “menu of your mind,” noting the contents, and noting the underlying “roots” — which are generating interference, limitation, and self–sabotage.

It allows you to see (become conscious) of what was previously running unconsciously.

Then, Releasing allows you to STRIKE these roots of your self-sabotaging programs, thus falling into entire structures of limiting and lacking thought structures that have held you back your entire life.

And what’s left does not require any kind of “positive affirmations” or “programming,” as our natural state is already one of health, happiness, success, clarity, strength, love, and freedom.

We need only eliminate the interference by first SEEING it operating, and then striking the ROOT causes of this interference. No other course, method, or technique gets straight to the root as quickly and easily as Releasing.

As you make Releasing non-love your constant practice, you begin seeing all your fears, worries, hang-ups, and self-sabotaging and limiting behaviors melt away right before your eyes—as you witness a natural unfolding of more love and gratitude in your life.

The best part is, Releasing works every time – when you do it.

Every time you Release, you feel happier, lighter, and more peaceful. Every time you think, you feel bad, heavy, and defeated.

So, if you are ready to finally take charge of your life, employing a radically effective system of success that is PROVEN and SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED by Harvard and Columbia Medical School researchers …

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If you truly want lasting success, health, and happiness, then you must “reset” your love and gratitude threshold.

No “outer” change will ever last, without making the primary inner change. Any habits created by willpower will rarely “stick” because the underlying “roots” still remain and will pull you right back into the same old rut, no matter how much willpower you use.

The 5-Day Fear of Living Virtual Retreat will root you in an ever-expanding state of love and gratitude.

The Release Technique Team