The simple decision to move your life forward…

The simple decision to move your life forward…

Think of something that you would like to change in your past. Okay, go ahead and change it.

You can see, it’s not possible. Realistically, we know we can’t go back and change what’s already happened… yet we have a strong habit of following the mind into the past and torturing ourselves with it, over and over and over again.

The habit of struggling to change the past is frustrating, isn’t it? It’s like having your car in reverse and wondering why you can’t move forward. In order to move forward, we first need to consciously decide where we are going, get pointed in the right direction, and then shift the vehicle into drive.

Having a good life requires our making a series of decisions. Each day we make thousands of decisions – consciously and unconsciously. Now, we could decide to simply accept what seems to have happened and move on. We could decide to stop wanting to be right. We could decide to stop wanting to change anything about the situation… so why don’t we?

The biggest reason we don’t let go and move on is, we’re caught up in trying to figure things out.

See if this isn’t true with the past story you brought up a moment ago. We play the story on repeat telling ourselves, “If only I’d done this,” or “I should have said that.” We think that if we’d reacted differently, we would have had a different (better) outcome.

But we know from experience that figuring out and wanting to change only gets us stuck.

We’re stuck holding in mind what we don’t like, with a lot of thoughts and feelings (energy) behind it. And all of that pent-up (unreleased) negative energy causes us to create more of what we don’t like – because that’s what we’re holding in mind.

Notice your feelings about what you want to change.

Trying to figure something out is an indication that we don’t know the answer or how to resolve the uncomfortable feelings, through the mind. And when we don’t know what to do, we automatically start disapproving — of ourselves, other people, money, our bodies, work, the government…

Before we know it, we’re bogged down with more negative feelings, we feel even worse about ourselves and we still don’t have any answers.

We’re caught in the Vicious Circle. And as long as we follow the thinking mind (figuring out, disapproving, figuring out, disapproving…) we’re trapped in an endless loop of suffering. Sound familiar?

The way out of the trap is to stop thinking – and release. Stop wanting to change the troubling situation. We already know we can’t change the past, but we can change how we feel about it.

When we let go of wanting to change the situation, we can examine our thinking about it. We move up into a place of acceptance. We stop fighting with ourselves. We stop fighting to be right. We just STOP.

When we stop the restless mind (for just one minute) we feel calmer. When we’re calmer we begin to hold in mind calmer and more peaceful thoughts about the situation and we effortlessly begin to move into higher energy.

When we decide to move out of desperation, we can easily move into the vibration of courageousness, acceptance, and peace. Being in CAP, allows us to respond more optimistically. We also have more energy available to take appropriate action.

But we have to start making conscious decisions. Deciding to be positive and loving no matter what, is the most powerful decision we can make.

Each positive decision creates a foundation for more positive outcomes. The more we practice thinking and acting positively, the better we feel about the challenges that we are facing.

Take it for checking. Decide to be positive and loving moment by moment. Before you get out of bed in the morning, decide that this is the best day of your life. Lester Levenson and Larry Crane have said, “Hold in mind ONLY what you want, and that’s what you will be creating for yourself.”

Deciding what you want to experience is the first step. The next step is to release everything else. That means releasing all attachments and aversions to achieving what you decide to have (and also, to not achieving what you decide to have). You get to the place where you’re fine if you have your goal and you’re equally fine if you don’t.

This is the place where miracles show up in your life – no thinking required.

How to quickly reach this place of instant manifestation is the strange, transformative process revealed in the Lesterizing Goals Mastery Telecourse (Oct. 9 – Nov 19).

In fact, the Lesterizing Process is the most powerful when you have no idea how your goals will show up.

We all have choices to make. Begin by taking conscious steps toward the bigger picture. Letting go of your non-loving thoughts and feelings will set you moving in the right direction. Discover for yourself that when you do nothing but change your mind — your whole world changes.

The Release Technique Team