“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”

― Heraclitus

This old Greek philosopher had it right. Everything we see, hear, touch, smell is in constant state of flux. Our bodies change over time. Our cells are constantly dividing, regenerating, dying in all kinds of different life cycles. Our relationships with everything are changing. Even our core beliefs change over time. What we thought was real at one point turns out to be complete fallacy in another. What we once thought was impossible becomes suddenly completely possible and easy.

So why does it sometimes feel nothing really changes and that we are forever stuck? Why does it feel like there are these huge blocks that prevent us from experiencing the transformation of our lives to a new level of success, abundance and well-being?

You heard our teachers say it all the time. There are only three things in life that ultimately stop us. These three things are (subconscious) fear, resistance and wanting. Let go of those three things and you will experience transformation. That’s it.

Why is it then that we don’t let go of these three things?

Again, the answer is simple. It is because we don’t like to experience those types of feelings, even if it was just for a split second. We don’t like to feel the negativity and we would rather not deal with it. We run and hide from it. We would rather be entertained than using our time to focus on all the bad stuff that we carry with us.

It happens all the time. Especially if you are releasing only on your own.

We need to wake up. Nobody can transform our lives expect ourselves. The change needs to start within us. We must want imperturbability more than we want to breathe. More than we want anything in life. Only when this step is in place is the transformation possible.

Once we have this step firmly in place, then and only then we can make a new decision. We can decide to release all feelings so that we can ultimately be and feel imperturbable.

Every single one of us who took classes or went to retreats has experienced the power of the group of releasers. Lester said the power of releasing increases exponentially with the number of people releasing. With the support of the group we can all release tons and tons of our collected garbage. And it will be much quicker and deeper.

We can be the change we want to see in the world. We can decide that nothing is stopping us from transforming our lives to a whole new level.

Nothing can stop us from claiming our birthright. Love, happiness, joy, abundance. It is all there for us, simply being hidden from our view with all this negativity.

And we know and we have experienced that negativity can be released. The way is simple. Your life transformation is only a release away.

How about reminding yourself on the power of the group?

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