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Virtual Self-Mastery Retreat

(Via Teleconference)
JULY 10 – 16, 2023

This will open up a whole new dimension of living for you... a way of living that is full of ALIVENESS and NEW POSSIBILITIES

Our Most Advanced Course Yet!

This is what ultimate SELF-MASTERY is really all about... living your life from a state of alive-perfection... where everything falls into place for you with no seeming effort...

When was the last time you felt truly “complete” in your life?

A time when everything in your life was just the way you wanted it to be?

Have you ever felt that way?

Maybe you’ve had the odd day or two here and there…

Maybe it was when you got some surprising good news, a job promotion at work, or fell in love…

It felt like everything was going your way, didn’t it?

But for how long?

How long was it before another problem or annoyance cropped up, pulling at your attention?

How long before you felt an all-too familiar sense of “incompleteness” again?

You know the feelings…

Feeling out-of-sorts…

Feeling like there’s always too much to do and not enough time to do it…

Or having the feeling that something is missing from your life — and there should be something more.

It wasn’t long before that all-too familiar sense of unease and restlessness was just “there” again, was it?


What if the sense of unease, restlessness, dissatisfaction -- the constant sense of "incompleteness" in your life -- was gone? Forever.

Never to return.

So you actually felt “complete”.

Each moment.

Each day.

Every day.

Filling you up with an all-loving feeling about life.

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate way — the most deeply satisfying way — to live each moment of every day?

There’s a deep part of you that already knows it would be.

Indeed, it’s that all-loving state of “completeness” that you are looking for (albeit mostly unconsciously) every waking moment of each day.

It’s that unconscious looking for “completeness” that DRIVES your every action in the world.

Everything – EVERYTHING – you do in life is an attempt to feel more “complete”.

No exceptions.

So why don’t you feel “complete” in yourself for any length of time?

Want to know?

It’s because of an over-identification with the mind.

Too much identification with thoughts.

Which is a big problem, because…

The mind is programmed to keep you dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

The mind is programmed to keep giving you problems.

The mind is programmed to make you feel “incomplete”.

Which is an incredibly sad way to live when the whole point of this experience we call life is to discover the “free state” of the ULTIMATE SELF.

If you’re following the news, and going along with it all, it seems the world is locked in a fight.

Opposition, division, enemies, war…

Are you part of that fight?

Are you still struggling to change your life?

Protesting (disapproving of) what is?

Feeling frustrated that you can’t do what you want to do (and have the life you deserve)?

If only…

You had more money.

You felt more confidence.

You had more free time.

You had less self-hatred or self-doubt.

Your relationships were easier.

Your body felt (or looked) better.

You had far less negative thinking.

You felt assured that you had value in life.

Then, you’ll be happy.

If you could just get your life sorted out, once-and-for-all, then you’d be comfortable, and feel free.

This line of thinking is the ego’s sneaky way of putting your happiness in suspended animation – to be achieved at some ambiguous time in the future (never).

And leaves you in a constant state of dissatisfaction.

Isn’t that a sad way to live – especially for an infinitely-free being?

Stop fighting and turn within to discover who your essential being truly is.

The good news is, you can stop it, instantly.

You have the power.

How do you turn it all around?

You start with a simple decision.

Join the upcoming Ultimate Self-Mastery Virtual Retreat July 10 -16.

The moment you decide to take the journey within to discover the true nature of your Real Self — THAT’S the moment you create the shift that will change your life forever.

There’s a saying, “The first step and the last step to (the goal) are one and the same.

What does that mean?

That means that whatever your goal is in life, it’s never going to shift by thinking, hoping, or waiting for it to happen sometime in the future. ‘Later’ does not bring about change in your life.

Your conscious choice to create inward change the inner picture makes the one difference that affects the rest of your life.

The decision to do it Now is the only thing required—that’s it!

Once you know you have Ultimate Self-Mastery, everything else falls into line. No fight, no problems… It’s that easy.

“The only answer to all problems is knowing your Self.”
~ Lester Levenson

Trying to change the mind or improve your thoughts will not do it.

To experience the delectable feeling of continuous and constant “completeness” it is necessary to go BEYOND the mind.

Or, if you prefer “BEHIND” the mind.

Beyond or “behind” the mind is the “space” of infinite wisdom, unconditional love, wholeness, ALIVENESS and untouchable INNER PEACE.

Lester called living from this place the “free state”.

It is the most beautiful place to live your life from.

Which is what the upcoming ULTIMATE SELF MASTERY Retreat will enable you to experience for yourself…

How to access the "free state"... and continually live your life from the "free state"

If you are able to get one of the places on the ULTIMATE SELF MASTERY Retreat

You will experience letting go of the mind’s incessant “pushing” and “pulling” on you.

You will experience what it’s like not to be bothered by the mind.

You will experience the deep contentment that comes from living in the “free state”.

What used to bother you — and “push your buttons” — simply won’t any more.

Long standing tendencies and habits that currently sabotage all your efforts – simply won’t any more.

All this will open up a whole new dimension of living for you.

A way of living that is full of ALIVENESS and NEW POSSIBILITIES

This is what ULTIMATE SELF MASTERY is really all about… living your life from a state of alive-perfection… where everything falls into place for you with no seeming effort.

Wouldn’t you like to experience this alive-perfection and “completeness” in your life?

If so…

The VIRTUAL SELF-MASTERY RETREAT is designed just for you

During the 7-days of the VIRTUAL SELF-MASTERY RETREAT we will take Releasing to a whole new level.


The way Lester Levenson taught Releasing to a select few of his highest students at his Advanced Super Intensive Retreats back in the late 1970’s to early 80’s.

Yes, this is next level stuff over everyday Releasing.

However, this is exactly what you NEED for the feeling of “completeness” to become your permanent state.

In fact…

Here's what you can start looking forward to during the 7 powerful days of the VIRTUAL SELF-MASTERY RETREAT:

Here's a taste of what you can achieve once you get your Mind Out of the Way:

"Thank you for a wonderful Retreat,as the week goes along I feel so connected to everyone as we're all on this journey to freedom. Today I took another walk in nature and took the opportunity to just love everything including myself, it was a wonderful experience to just Be. Thanks." - A.M.

".... Heart wide open. Another layer of waking up from the dream. In deep gratitude." - B.T.

"Sex ain’t no big deal anymore. Wife has been super loving. Realized that my entire self-development journey was one of self hate. Trying to fix what’s wrong with me. That I was wrong. That I needed to change ... Releasing is no longer an exercise of self hate. I don’t feel unloved when I ask myself to release. I see how I’ve wanted approval since primary school and before that. From teachers, friends and others. To be a good boy. My journey to freedom can now begin. I have more resolve. I want freedom for its own sake. Not to make me better." - A.M.

"This morning I spontaneously began organizing in my home and got a lot of things accomplished in a short amount of time, no planning or effort required. I asked out the girl I met at the restaurant and we have a date planned for Saturday. Feeling deeper peace of mind and connection to/awareness of beingness. I love having the knowledge and experience of being able to turn everything over to beingness, and not being separate from it." - A.E.

"For the first time I saw infinite beingness and saw it playing out in this action figure. Instead of looking at the moment from limitation, I saw infinite possibilities. How is infinite beingness manifesting in this moment? One thing that has been remarkable is the shift in how I see some dynamics in my family ... I realized today that the picture I am holding in mind today is completely different than the one from a week ago. I love not being so smart and allowing it to be other than I think it is!" - E.G.

"There are no words for what I am experiencing from being in the retreat. I can say I'm identifying with Beingness and not listening to my mind, and it's easy. There is happiness and peace. I have experienced it a lot, but this is different. My other intentions are happening. I know there is no place to stop. Just keep releasing and allowing. Much Love." - V.A.

"Many thanks for the beautiful retreat ... it has really been a great enabler for me to let go of a 32 year career and letting go of being laid off potentially in a couple of weeks ... as I was quickly calculating the financial difference, I recalled a gain from the 90-day just completed, earning more by doing nothing, in my retirement account than working for a living...….while the markets were all over the place ... but more important was letting go of any and all identification with the career and the role it has played in my life. Enabling me to emigrate, as per strong mid-20's intention, and live a financially privileged life." - P.E.

"An overall insight doing the retreat while working full-time was how strongly work pulls at my ego and that I can choose to walk away from work." - R.N.

"During the retreat my best friend had a major heart attack. As (Power Of Attorney) there was a rush to the hospital, transfer, doctors, procedures and contacts, emails, texts and panic. For me I was up and down the scale of emotions and watching the many bodies move through the chain of events. Many programs were exposed. Releasing was constant, as I moved in and out of being the character to and through so-called time. There was also a curiosity of question: Will he move from form to formless? Oh, the selfishness on my part. I have also noticed the extent of my disapproval and judgement during the week. What a journey! Thank you for (providing) the tools and opening my eyes to the light." - G.M.

Simple & Easy:

Participate Live From Your Home

With this course there is no need to travel anywhere. If you have a phone or a connection to Internet, you are all set to go!

Usually, people pay thousands of dollars for this kind of mentoring especially since we’re actually going to personally work with each of you on this virtual retreat for a full 7 days.

Reserve your Space Today!

We will be broadcasting the live event each day for 8 hours.
Each day is filled with a variety of different releasing exercises to keep you digging out, bringing up and constantly letting go of deep subconscious programs. You’ll experience an expansive state of deep, tranquility and quiet throughout each day as the retreat goes deeper and deeper. Ultimately revealing the Totally Unlimited, Infinite Being that resides within.
The entire event will be recorded and the replays for each session will be available to you. So you will not miss a thing!

Dates & Times

Event time zone is Pacific Time (PDT). Here is a convenient time converter:

Monday, July 10
7:30am - 4:30pm Tuesday, July 11
7:30am - 4:30pm Wednesday, July 12
7:30am - 4:30pm Thursday, July 13
7:30am - 4:30pm Friday, July 14
7:30am - 4:30pm Saturday, July 15
7:30am - 4:30pm Sunday, July 16
7:30am - 11:30am

*90-minute lunch break 11:30am - 1pm, Monday – Saturday

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