Your invisible source of supply (and how to get what you want from it).

Your invisible source of supply

The trouble with most people is they don’t have an invisible source of supply. Well, they have – they just don’t realize it.

Take money for example. Most people think their income is dependent on a particular job or business or person. Not exactly true. Money may come to you THROUGH a job, a business or other people. But the job or the business or the person (people) are not the SOURCE of that income.

The SOURCE of your income is You (Your Consciousness). So in reality, you are the one—the only one—who decides how much money will come into your life.

Granted, you may not recognize it as your decision because the decision has been made unconsciously by you. But whatever you have (or don’t have in your life) you have made the decision either consciously or unconsciously.

So the question arises: How do you change your decision?

That’s simple. First: You just DECIDE. As in, “I decide to have an extra $1,000 come into my life this month with easy by releasing.” It’s just an effortless thought to yourself.

Now, the decision is probably going to provoke a lot of other thoughts, such as: “That’s just not possible.” “How will that happen?” “I don’t know what to do about it.” “I can imagine it could work for other people—but these things never work for me …” And so on.

So secondly: You start to RELEASE all those thoughts that arise from your unconscious that are contrary to your new decision.

That’s it. You just keep being vigilant and RELEASING any thoughts that arise, no matter how subtle or stupid they seem. And you keep letting go of anything that is not aligned with your new decision.

By doing this, you will VALIDATE that you are the SOURCE of your income. Because somehow, someway, the money you have decided upon in your own Consciousness will come to you (be “reflected back to you”) in your “external” life. And that puts YOU in CONTROL. You have ALL the power.

You are the creator, in all areas of your life. And your mind is your creative tool. We used the example of money because it is such a “charged” subject for most people. But if you can VALIDATE it with money—which is very definable—you can VALIDATE that you are your own Invisible Source of Supply with everything.

So the smart thing to do is to make a definite decision on something you would like to have or experience, then commit to RELEASING anything and everything that comes up in opposition or judgment to your decision.

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The Release Technique Team