Allowing Financial Freedom In

Since beginning this course, my business sales average per day has doubled! 
I’ve also just received a credit of $400.00 that I was told would not happen as I did not have the proper paperwork for this bad charge.  Came through anyhow! 
Loving what I am learning indeed, indeed, indeed…

Effortless Success

“I have tried innumerable courses, techniques and methods. When I began using the Release Technique, my gains came fast and were significant. Effortlessly, I was able to sell $250,000 worth of product and service – really, I did not sell as it fell into my lap. Then releasing on people that I was angry at for some reason I found these same people would come up and talk to me and become friendly again with one person even admitting they didn’t know why but they had to forgive and forget their grievance with me.

I attended the Abundance Course in Denver and when I arrived back home (250 miles from Denver) I received over $7,000, which was completely unexpected. I have never consistently had more money nor have I consistently had more work and business since beginning to release. People from the past have begun coming back into my life – some for a moment and some to stay for longer. Some people have dropped away and I realize that this is all my choice – it’s wonderful.

One of my biggest gains just happened yesterday – I found myself not being able to release a big hit of energy. I went through everything I had learned thus far and could not get it to budge. I called the support line and in less than one minute they had helped me find that I had extreme anger at myself. After releasing this, my world, my perception and love for myself have completely changed.” – Gordon Bray

Solutions Coming To Me With Ease Through Love

“Thank you for your help during last night’s call. Early this morning I called my son’s school to speak with the Director and with a lot of “love” – I told her about the difficult place we were. She gave me all the reasons why it was impossible for him to come back to school next year. But with love I asked her for help to find a reasonable solution. She said she will talk to the High School Director and call me back.

She called few minutes ago and her first words were “I have good news.” My son will be taken into school next year with a plan in place to ensure his success.

I am new to releasing, but I can see how it works. Your help in last night call was invaluable.

I will be grateful all my life.”

Sending you Love,

Receives $3,000 in stock trades

“I am doing the Goals and Resistance Course for my first time along with my Financial Freedom for the second time…-Made a profit this week of over $3,000.00 in my stock trades, on stocks that haven’t moved since last year. The profit was even more – but $3,000.00+ was since the class started!” – S.K.

Daily Gifts

“First, I want to say thank you to Larry for your continuous efforts to give in such a loving way.

I recently received two lump sums of money. Yesterday I received an unexpected lump sum of money and today, I just received another lump sum of of money that doubled what I received yesterday.

Cheers to releasing! Everyday, I’m gifted with unexpected gifts of money, clients and great information.”

Sending you all love and light,
La Nette

tenant offers to pay more rent

“I own a farm in which I rent out the land. After about 3 yearsI would normally adjust the rent to the gentleman who rents it.We write a contract that lasts for 3 years. Well, over the last couple of years commodity prices for corn and soybeans went pretty high. My contract with the tenant had another year left on it, so I decided to wait. While this was happening, I was listening to the goals and resistance cd’s while I was painting in my house. One night while listening and painting, my renter called me and said he would like to increase his rent payment before the first of the year! So, now I’m receiving $300 a month more! And it will go up considerably each year after for 3 more years! I never said a word to anyone about raising the rent. I felt a contract was a contract and I had to honor that.I have to say, he has been my neighbor all my life and his family and I are good friends and he is a good honest man.” – T.L.

Letting Disapproval Go and Gaining So Much More

“While the continuation of the 30-day Financial Freedom Course happens during my work hours, I decided to keep the momentum going by enrolling in the extension and listening to the replays.  I am continuing to release disapproving of my schedule.  After listening to tonights replay I realized that I’ve been so deeply wanting to change it that I have it locked firmly in place.  So I am making it my focus to let go of disapproving and giving it unconditional love and approval.

Also, since I decided to continue on with the course in spite of my “schedule/resistance” I received an unexpected check for $1,274.00, another $1,000.00 coming my way and my home loan modification got approved.  I am going to sleep now feeling much more relaxed from listening to the replays of the course.  My next step is the 90 day and I continue to release as I would prefer to get the package for $5,180.00.  Thanks again for all your assistance.”

Loretta Urbina; Las Vegas

$350 Win in Money Machine

“In the last two weeks I have been able to exceed my target income. Last month I won a chance to go to my bank’s money machine, where they were having a promotion, and I won $350.” – Bazlur Rahmani

Unlimited Abundance

“I’m thrilled to report a gain! On Saturdays I clean house for a retired handicapped couple. This past Saturday, the 28th, I went to clean and make them lunch as usual. I hadn’t been there the previous 2 Saturdays because I had a terrible cold (which was odd because I am rarely ever sick), and I didn’t want to spread any cold germs to them. When I was about finished and readying to leave, they paid me by check as usual.They handed me 3 checks. I asked What’s this? And they said, “Oh didn’t you know you had accumulated some sick time?” They smiled and said, You deserve it Rocky, we’re so happy you’re feeling better.”  I was absolutely blown away! Made me want to cry!  I have worked so, so hard in so many ways to get past and get out of me the garbage of a 6 and half year abusive relationship. I’ve been doing the abundance course, and this 30 day…and little by little good things have been happening for me. It’s been such a long time since I’ve known true kindness from another, from total strangers even…..genuinely kind words, kind gestures of appreciation, gifts! It’s so wonderful! And I am allowing it! And I now have a very sweet, kind, caring man interested in dating me! I’m blown away! I almost don’t even know how to behave having a man be so caring to me! It’s truly wonderful. I’m very grateful.

Thank you, Larry. My intention is to blow the roof off! And be unlimited!”
Best to you,
Roxanne Redfield

Unexpected Gratitude

I just received a totally unexpected check for $1,000! 

I thought this kind of thing only happened for others.

Can I let go of being so smart and allow it to be other than I think it is?  YES!