Let 2020 be the best year of your life!

Let 2020 be the best year of your life!

Are you ready for the 2020 to be the best year of your life?

Have you already decided to go for happiness, financial success and a real sense of health and wellness in your life?

If not, what is stopping you?

Remember, only a fool expects a different result by doing exactly the same thing over and over again. You might be thinking: “Perhaps this year will be somehow different. Perhaps this year something will change for me.”

The truth is, if you haven’t let go of all your negative blocks it is highly unlikely something will change.

And if you haven’t been able to master your life by now, perhaps it’s time to do something different and surrender to the power of releasing!

If you are really serious about experiencing a massive amount of abundance in 2020, you will be happy to know that we are organizing brand new 7-Day Success and Life Balance Retreat in Orlando, FL.

During these 7 days you’ll discover how to “erase” the biggest (most insidious) stumbling block to having, being and doing WHATEVER you really want in your life…with a system we have rarely shown to anyone before.

You will learn from us exactly how to “Lesterize” your goals.

Why are we offering to teach you this?

The answer is simple.

The more graduates become successful in all areas of their lives, the more the Method will go out to the world.

You already know that releasing unlocks abundance. It is a proven fact, time and time again.

Releasing reverses all lack and limitation.

Anything is possible — when you’re fully released on it.

And where better to release all your negativity but in a group of like-minded individuals getting together at a beautiful place and being fully committed to freedom!

We invite you to join us and take the next step by participating in the brand new 7-Day Success and Life Balance Retreat in Orlando, FL.

See, when you can “let go” of, and dump all of your stumbling blocks within you… YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER… so FAST… you’ll wonder what happened!

And when you do, you’ll discover how, by simply dropping your mental viruses and “getting out of your own way”… ALL YOUR GOALS WILL COME TO YOU for the mere effortless thought of it.

If you do that, and ONLY that — your life will change for the better in ways that will seem truly miraculous to you.

It is time to prove to yourself that you can choose the life you want to live.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to releasing or if you’ve successfully been doing it for years.

You’ll discover just how powerful you can be when you get the right tools in your hands and generate life-changing momentum.

You will learn from others who actually did it for themselves and who will show you how to achieve the same success yourself.

Make a smart decision, join us and let’s make 2020 the best year ever!

In a couple of short months from now, you will be so happy that you decided to do it.

See you there!

Release Technique Teachers

Wealth & Wisdom by Choice

Wealth & Wisdom by Choice

“The greatest thing we can give is wisdom, because when you give one wisdom, you give not just one single thing, but you give one the method of attaining everything.”

-Lester Levenson

You’ve heard the expression “garbage in, garbage out.” Most people are suppressing their negative emotions therefore storing them up in their subconscious mind, so you don’t know they are there.

But they are still running and interfering with your success, consciousness, and sabotaging you.

And you simply cannot experience wealth and success with negative commentaries running in your head.

The voice that plays in your head, sometimes it plays a nice sound, but usually not so nice sound, and it plays even when you don’t want it to play.

Well, that voice is your voice, isn’t it?

And if it’s your voice, then YOU must have put it there. Therefore YOU ought to be able to take it out.

And now the wisdom part.

It cannot be stressed enough how crucially important it is to realize that wealth is NOT something outside of yourself that you have to work hard to earn.

Wealth and abundance is something that is truly INSIDE of you.

As humans, you and I are naturally meant to experience it in every aspect of our lives.

Thinking that you have to work hard to earn a living is just like thinking you have to prove that you’re worthy of the right to… BE YOU.

Exactly how much effort does it take for you to be you?


And that’s what you’ll discover about all aspects of wealth and abundance in your life.

Having abundance is really just as effortless as soon as you let go of that limited state of mind.

So… would you be interested in instantly connecting with your unlimited WEALTH & WISDOM so you can see, taste, smell, feel, and KNOW the difference between your pure unconditioned state, and the limited (automatic) state of your mind?

Would you like to finally gain clarity on how your ego-mind has been scaring you into submission?

Perhaps it is time to stop digging yourself into a hole and reclaim the power of wealth and wisdom that is rightfully yours!

Check out our new WEALTH & WISDOM retreat in San Diego, CA, November 3rd – 9th, 2019. We’ll show you how to rid yourself of any and all negativity on the spot.

We look forward to supporting you in releasing all your subconscious garbage!

Make a wise decision and join us.


The Release Technique Teachers

Larry’s Butt System

If you are a releaser, even a total beginner, I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase: “Using the Butt System.”

With Butt System, all you have to do is sit on your butt, release, and allow EVERYTHING to come to you.

In other words, you actually sit on your rear end and you release all your “I can’t’s” and other mental obstacles and negative feelings.

Then you hold in mind the end result – what it is that you want to achieve.

And then it falls in your lap quickly and effortlessly.

Remember, a mental picturing of that which we want, with the complete acceptance and the conviction that it is yours now, will bring it quickly.

But you have to come from a place where it’s OK to take action, roll up your sleeves and do the work, if that is what it takes.

That is the important piece of the puzzle.

It has to be OK if you are required to do the work and also if you are not required to do the work.

You see, taking action is (usually) standard and a necessary step to fulfilling our goals. Especially if it is inspired action.

A very religious man was once caught in rising floodwaters. He climbed onto the roof of his house and trusted God to rescue him. A neighbor came by in a canoe and said, “The waters will soon be above your house. Hop in and we’ll paddle to safety.”

“No thanks” replied the religious man. “I’ve prayed to God and I’m sure he will save me”

A short time later the police came by in a boat. “The waters will soon be above your house. Hop in and we’ll take you to safety.”

“No thanks” replied the religious man. “I’ve prayed to God and I’m sure he will save me”

A little time later a rescue services helicopter hovered overhead, let down a rope ladder and said. “The waters will soon be above your house. Climb the ladder and we’ll fly you to safety.”

“No thanks” replied the religious man. “I’ve prayed to God and I’m sure he will save me”

All this time the floodwaters continued to rise, until soon they reached above the roof and the religious man drowned. When he arrived at heaven he demanded an audience with God. Ushered into God’s throne room he said, “Lord, why am I here in heaven? I prayed for you to save me, I trusted you to save me from that flood.”

“Yes you did my child” replied the Lord. “And I sent you a canoe, a boat and a helicopter. But you never got in.”

Doing the Butt system isn’t means of escaping working, it’s not meant to avoid things you don’t like.

If you do that, you are not coming from the attitude of imperturbability so it’s likely you will not get all the results from releasing that you’d expect.

Remember, step one of the six steps is the key to everything!

When Lester Levenson spoke about demonstration he said that exactly the same rule of principle applies to demonstrating a penny that applies to demonstrating a billion dollars.

The mind sets the size.

Anyone who can demonstrate a dollar can demonstrate a million dollars. It’s simply a matter of becoming aware of the way you’re demonstrating the one dollar bill and you just put six zeroes after it next time.

That is the basis of the Butt System.

Conscious demonstration of what we choose to have in life, instead of constantly experiencing results of our subconscious (negative) programming over and over again.

However, the Butt System has to be done in a right way following the right sequence!

And if you would like to experience what happens when you start practicing it the right way, check out our brand new Goals and resistance tele-course, starting in April.

This is your reminder to take inspired action.

To your freedom!

Release Technique