The increase in the sales of two groups was studied. The Test group was trained in the Release Technique. The Control group was not trained in the Technique. The studies covered a 6-month base period to determine the cumulative and lasting effects of the Release Technique.

Analysis of Benefits Reported on Written Questionnaire

Independent Studies of The Release Technique Document Dramatic Improvements in the Following Categories:% Reporting “Improved”
1. Anxiety Levels84%
2. Relationships of All Sorts58%
3. Job Performance63%
4. Overall Feelings of Well-being74%
5. Reaction to Stressful Situations79%
6. Ability to Relax79%
7. Energy Levels63%
8. Elimination of Undesirable Habits (Smoking, Overeating, Excessive Drinking)33%

The percentage increase in commissions of the Test group (Release Technique trained) over the Control group was an amazing 33%.

This study was conducted by Roger Brock, Senior Partner of Touche-Ross, one of the country’s leading Accounting firms.

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