Secret to Success

What if success came easily?

For thousands of people, it does. The reason is because they know how to access their “flow” state, where goals are attained easily, without any effort. The Release Technique will teach you how to access your flow state at will and achieve financial freedom, as well as all of your goals with the least amount of effort possible — GUARANTEED!

Scientifically verified for effectiveness by Harvard University and Columbia University Medical Schools researchers

Dear Achiever,

I am writing to notify you about a development that I believe is the greatest advancement in the history of behavioral science. It is a way to dramatically show you how to have a constant winning attitude, all the time, in anything you do. It is not motivational psychology, physical therapy, positive thinking, subliminal programming, meditation, or anything like that.

My name is Larry Crane. A few years ago, I started to teach my success system with people, just like you, on how to succeed in the game of life. Since then, hundreds of people have attended live courses taught around the country.

I have kept in contact with many of the Graduates who attended. The results have been Phenomenal!

Many graduates have doubled and tripled their income, became a partner with their employer, climbed the corporate ladder, retired wealthy, gained a competitive edge, taken charge of their lives, overcome serious problems, gotten a clear direction in life, and achieved financial freedom. They have gone into business for themselves and are doing spectacularly well! They have moved into brand new homes have gotten better jobs, and become healthier.

The momentum has been wonderful and it’s spreading. It is my intent to have you be successful in everything you do in life!

“A great contribution to the field of human helpfulness” – Norman Vincent Peale, Author of The Power of Positive Thinking

Now become a winner in the game of life

For years I kept looking and looking for the answers, then I met a remarkable man. That meeting changed my life forever. He told me, “You have no limits except those you hold onto in your mind and when you let go of these limits you can have, do or be whatever you desire.” At that time it sounded great but I thought, “How could this be true?”

I decided to prove it out for myself.

So, I sat down and examined my thinking; I made a list of everything in life that I wanted. The list of wants was long and I noticed the things I wanted were everything I didn’t have. How could I correct my thinking? I was holding in mind all these limitations.

At the top of my list of wants was being a great success in life. I wanted financial freedom. Yet, I was working six days a week, 12-hour days and barely feeding my family. I was busy working instead of have a life.

I then made a list of all the reasons why I wasn’t achieving the success that I felt I deserved. The list was long. I felt guilty, angry, confused, fearful, apathetic, and I felt a lot of insecurity.

The answers came to me

It was like somebody hit me over the head with a baseball bat. For the first time in my life I realized that…

It was my own negative emotions that were actually stopping me from achieving the success that I wanted.

So, I decided to see if I could rid myself of these limited thoughts and feelings that were keeping me from attaining success in life.

To my amazement, I discovered that I had a natural ability to release these limiting thoughts and feelings. I was able to rid myself of guilt, fear, beating myself up, confusion, apathy, poor self image, my lack of self-confidence, insecurity and more.

The systems works and it’s simple

The system was so simple I wondered if anyone would believe me. So I decided to prove to the world that I could use the system to make a bundle of money.

A short time later I became a self-made millionaire, my relationships started to work, I met and married the most gorgeous gal, I bought a ten-room penthouse in Manhattan, a 160 acre ranch in Arizona and everything I turned to became successful with ease and most of all, I became the embodiment of unchangeable peace and happiness.

Now you can learn the Release Technique in the comfort of your home and achieve financial freedom

I recently completed a remarkable new audio CD-program that brings the Release Technique to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or anywhere you play the CD’s. By using this remarkable home study series, you will eliminate the blocks that are stopping you from having whatever you want in life, just as thousands have already proven to themselves.

This exciting audio series will help you to…

  • Awaken to your total power potential.
  • Achieve Financial Freedom.
  • Be a success at everything you do.
  • Take total control of your life.
  • Have the confidence you need to be successful.
  • Eliminate negativity immediately.
  • Be more effective in business.
  • Transcend self doubt.
  • Eliminate confusion and have clarity. Be decisive.
  • Improve your relationships dramatically.
  • Feel more secure all the time.
  • Perform your best in the midst of pressure.
  • Have the perfect body weight.
  • Learn to like, accept, and trust yourself.
  • Enhance your leadership skills.
  • Have improved time management skills.
  • Realize your full potential.
  • Improve self-expression: Be who you are.
  • Achieve high self-esteem.
  • Feel comfortable with your body and yourself.
  • Empower yourself.
  • Enhance concentration.
  • Have the peace and happiness you deserve, and much more!
  • You will notice a difference—right away! And you’ll find the use of the technique makes no demands on your time.

It’s easy to show you how to have abundance because the ability to have abundance is already there, in you.

Remember, over 100,000 other people have already proven they can achieve financial freedom. In fact, until recently all the people that we’ve helped have come to us through word of mouth.

Can you imagine thousands of people coming to you by word of mouth only? After scientifically proving that this system works for everyone who learns it, my only wish is to have as many people as possible learn how to have abundance with ease.

A System Scientifically Verified by Harvard and Columbia University Researchers

Researchers Dr. David McClelland of Harvard University and Dr. Richard Davidson of the State University of New York have found, “The Release Technique stands out far beyond the rest for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results.”

Researched by Albert Einstein Associate

I have taught the Release Technique to executives of Fortune 500 companies for years. I have personally trained doctors, psychiatrists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers, and homemakers in the art of letting go of problems, emotions and all forms of stress.

Read what psychiatrist John L. Kemeny, M.D., and former associate of Albert Einstein and retired professor at New York’s Columbia University said: “The Release Technique is a profound breakthrough in the history of behavioral science. The Release Technique liberates the subconscious mind and allows one to rid themselves of negativity at any level.”

“The work that Larry Crane is teaching is a major breakthrough in the field of behavioral science. By participating experientially, you will reach a place where nothing and no one will ever bother you again. A place where you can eliminate all of your I can’ts and turn them into I can’s. I have used the Release Technique myself for over 20 years successfully. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to overcome their limitations and lower their stress level with ease.”

You can do it too!

The answer always comes when you’re ready to take the action necessary to get it

You know from your own experience, that when too many negative feelings build up in you, you feel anxious, uncomfortable, and unhappy. The first thing you’ll try is to get away from them. You’ll do this by suppressing them (hiding them from yourself—the worst thing you can do), coping with them (trying to escape their effects by various means), or by venting them.

Believe me, handling your feelings in any of these ways won’t give you what you want. You will remain trapped, unhappy and limited because the negative effects of your feelings are still in you, building up inside and hurting you, by destroying your health and keeping you from your happiness, even though you may not be aware of them.

What you really want and need is to develop your ability to completely discharge your feelings and regain your energy, your passion and your power. This is the only way to the happiness, the peace and the successful life you’ve been longing for.

And, you can discover this ability to live a successful life by following my simple “how to” instructions to achieve financial freedom. It’s so easy to do, without any magic or mystery. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! And you don’t have to memorize any complicated formulas to do so.

The one single solution you’ve been searching for

The course will automatically start bringing you the experience of Releasing as you go through the course. You will verify the Release Technique working by experiencing Releasing yourself, the very first day. You will begin to get answers for yourself just as I did and you will begin to get clearer and clearer. While all of this is going on, you will become healthier, more successful with less effort, happier and more capable of real love.

Your friends will notice a difference, and the changes are permanent. You will learn how to get rid of everything that hurts, all your fears, all your burdens, all your disappointments and when you get rid of enough of them you’ll find yourself as I did and as others have—happy, peaceful and capable of doing whatever you want, regardless of your situation or circumstance.

In fact, what the use of this system can do for you is totally unlimited. It can be applied to any problem and every situation. It truly gives you the one single solution you’ve been searching for.