The Lazy Way to Riches

My name is Larry Crane and I have something valuable to give you. This information is very important to you because it details how you can dramatically improve your life, in every way.

First, let me tell you that I am a very successful businessman and have had articles written about me in Time Magazine, TV Guide, newspapers, magazines and TV stories around the world. If you wish, I can furnish you with my complete personal references and business credentials.

Second, I don’t believe in wasting your time. I want you to know that I have proven to myself that anyone can live a life filled with financial freedom, health and peace of mind. And, you can prove this to yourself too.


I used to work hard, the 15 hour days, the 7-day weeks. But I didn’t start having major abundance until I started to use a natural ability everyone has inside of them. You may not know this, but you have actually been walking around with the very same ability, but you’ve rarely, if ever used it. This ability is the key to improving your life beyond your greatest hopes and dreams. It is my sincerest wish that you become aware of it, and start using it, as soon as you can. That’s why this information is so important to you.

Please read it at least twice. Then contact me as you can. Please bookmark this page, because much of the importance and meaning within it may be overlooked by you the first time you read it. I suggest you read it at least twice.

Twenty-two years ago, I transformed my life from one of constant money worries, health problems, guilt feelings, fear, procrastination, inability to speak up for myself, marital problems, and confusion about my life into a life of financial abundance, vitality, contentment, fulfillment and peace, and to do only what I want to do, when I want to do it.


Money Since then, I have taught thousands of other people, just like you, to discover and use this natural ability to improve their lives. Some have become the biggest stars on TV and in Hollywood. And, others have risen to leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies and in their own private enterprises. (They all weren’t stars or financial or personal successes when I first met them.)

Later you’ll read what executives in companies like Mutual of New York; Touche Ross; Catherine Oxenberg, actress; Michael Hutchinson, author “Mega Brain Power”; Joan Collins; Dr John Kemeny (Columbia University Medical School), Harvard University, and others have to say about how many lives have improved by using this ability.


As I’ve already said, twenty-two years ago after looking and looking for answers, I met a remarkable man named Lester Levenson. That meeting changed my life forever. He told me, “You have no limits except those you hold on to in your mind and when you let go of these limits you can have, do or be whatever you desire.”

At that time it sounded great, but I thought “How could this be true?” Yet, Lester was a living example of the beliefs he shared with me and I decided to test it out for myself.

Lester became my mentor and friend. Lester had discovered this remarkable ability for himself at the age of 42—after being given only weeks to live by his doctors.
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Lester Levenson, the developer of The Release Technique, was a self-made millionaire who unselfishly devoted his entire life to helping others discover the way to abundance, success, health, peace and happiness that he achieved over his life. This compassionate, giving man, Lester Levenson, gently guided me to discovering his discovery within myself. Lester was 84 when he passed on in 1994 and he was the embodiment of unshakable peace and happiness.

Lester, on his deathbed, asked me if I would continue his work . . . dedicated to one purpose . . . sharing Lester’s discovery . . . which is the HOW TO of discovering how to gain happiness, abundance, success, all the good things in life.

Lester wanted us to reach and help as many people as we can, and we can help you, too, because this natural ability to have everything you want is there, in you. Remember, over 100,000 other people have already proven this out. In fact, until recently all the people that we’ve helped have come to us through word of mouth. Can you imagine thousands of people coming to you without even advertising?

After scientifically proving that so many others could do it, Lester’s only wish was, and is, to reach as many people as possible and let you know that achieving all of your dreams is possible. And, you are one of the early ones to visit this site, because it is new.

The truth is that we are not in the advertising business or in the direct marketing business, but we decided that the fastest way to reach you was to put up this web site.

All our time is devoted to this one single effort . . . the teaching, reaching and continual support for those who come to us to learn this secret to happiness with no sorrow.

So, what’s the secret?

Read on… Learn about Lester’s Discovery.

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