Replacing Negativity with Love & Kindness, and Gaining Financially

“Thank you for the wonderful programs that you allow us to take part in, it is fantistic. My life has changed so very much and I love it, I look forward taking the next class with Ken and Rebecca, then I will take the 90-days. My gains for the few weeks were amazing, the first day my gain was $700.00 then $500.00 the first week, then last week’s gains were $1,000 plus $500. I also was able to get my Deed for my Florida property restored to my name after two years, that the bank ilegally took from me, and give it back to me which I have a lawsuit on them for voilating a bankruptcy code, which I know I will win also. I am so greatful for the release technique that help me to remove all of my negitivity and replace it with love and kindness.”
With Gratitude, 
Meena Persad

Releasing helps with insurance claim and business deal

“We had roofers come out to estimate repair.The inspector said we had hail damage all over and he thought we could get the insurance company to cover it. Insurance guys came out and said they’d cover part of it. My husband and original inspector discussed it and decided to pursue getting whole thing covered as there was damage all over the roof, not just partial as was stated in report. I released on it, whatever happens is fine.They called insurance company and spoke to managers and showed them contradictions in their own report. Insurance company came back and said they would pay for it all! Saved us $12,000! And the new roof looks beautiful! Today’s gainI’ve been releasing all weekend with the goals and resistance cd’s,This morning my coworker offered to split all her appraisals with me 50/50! I had taken photos for her because I knew she had some appraisals due and she was running behind. She can’t seem to get good pictures of the jewelry whereas mine come out great. Because she can’t keep up with them all and I can save her a lot of time by taking pictures of the jewelry for her. That gain will amount to another $500-1000.00/month for me!” – J.B.

Unexpected Gains

“I paid for the extended course on Friday with a knowing that the money would be coming right back. Yesterday I received an unexpected check for $1,000. Ever think of opening your own brokerage? I love the return you provide on investment.”


Finding Peace

“Love this course!  Here we are in week two and my life seems entirely different. Everything is calmer, more joyful and more in harmony. I am working on doing the exercises and am finding that I am able to go deeper and get to a place where the releases are providing me with greater insights.  So far, I have let go of several unworthy programs, wanting of approval, control, and safety. I’ve Completed the attachment/aversion to anger exercise for the first time and it seemed that everything in my life immediately changed after doing this exercise. Getting to a place where I no longer wish to change anything. Instead I am just grateful to be able to see what I was holding in mind and be able to easily release these stories from the past. I Feel more loving towards myself and others. 
Cleared a perfect program that had been running for much too long and instantly felt so incredibly at peace with myself, my children, and other family members.  This class is helping me to get to a place where everything is okay and that there is nothing to change. My health continues to improve which is an incredible gain as I have let go of many issues regarding trauma, fear, and survival.  My body is now much more comfortable as pain and past illnesses are resolving themselves.   
Many thanks for offering these incredible courses!
With Love!” – Christine

Free Vacation

“I am astounded! The moment after I hung up the phone after talking with you today, this is what happened, in rapid succession: 1.) The phone rang, practically at the moment after taking with you, and it was my AA sponsor calling to tell me what a wonderful spirit I have an how proud of me she is for doing all the work and showing up to grow! It was a great gift to my spirit and very uplifting; 2.) I went outside and my next door neighbors came out and told me they’re are moving and offered me their house, as they know what a horrible landlord I have, who has been denying me peaceful enjoyment of my house for the past 4 years. I have been feeling so trapped, this is a miracle; 3.) I went inside, the phone rang, and I was offered free plane tickets and vacation and a day trip this Thursday to Newport, Rhode Island, with my daughter to see a time share resort and get a free meal. I usually say no to these things, but, as it turn out, it felt right, and I want to do something fun with my daughter before she goes to camp next week.”

All this from the little bit of releasing we did together on the phone. I am astonished and delighted. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Kathy Caterino

Allowing Financial Freedom In

Since beginning this course, my business sales average per day has doubled! 
I’ve also just received a credit of $400.00 that I was told would not happen as I did not have the proper paperwork for this bad charge.  Came through anyhow! 
Loving what I am learning indeed, indeed, indeed…

Butt System Financial Success

“Successes using the Butt system for me were $37,000 in sales for the month of December. Income of $7,000 for the month, granted a $1,000 bonus from the CEO, and an extra $2,000 for moving expenses to the Bay Area from San Diego.” – Laurie

Receives pension after 25 years

“When I used to live in California I had a factory job working for the LA Soap Company. In 1987 they went out of business. I had been working there for 11 years, so I was vested in the pension. During the year after they closed, they sent me a letter confirming that I was vested in the pension and that I would be eligible to start receiving my payments beginning August 1, 2012! That letter mentioned contacting them a few months before my date. I never got around to contacting them, but just yesterday I received a letter in the mail from some insurance company in Illinois. I opened it and saw that this was about my pension! LA Soap had bought an annuity with them for me – to pay my pension benefits .It’s funny how our thoughts play out in the world. I called them and was told that I’d start getting my payments on August 1, 2012.” – J.P.

Effortless Gains by Releasing

“I’ve recently gained:
-Over $1,500 in unexpected income.
-Fell and hurt my wrist. It was swollen and purple. I released and the swelling went away, the purple color is gone and it doesn’t hurt a bit.
-Spent the weekend at The Waldorf with my sister and niece.
-Have enjoyed wonderful meals.
-Got to see Phantom of the Opera.
-Sales coming in online easily.
-I wanted to spend time with my sister’s boyfriend to make sure he was nice and he ended up meeting me at the hotel to make sure I got checked in ok. Then we ended up spending more time together throughout the weekend. I did not have to arrange any of this. I got to see how he interacted with my sister and niece effortlessly.
-I wanted a facial and found the perfect place across the street. Then wanted to have a nice lunch in an upbeat place and found it within a few feet of where I was.
-Everyone I met were so amazingly nice and helpful.
-On the plane ride back, everyone else seemed to be in a bad mood but the staff was super nice to me, the flight flew by and I released the whole way. It was awesome.” – Caterina

$3,000 and New Car Falls In Lap

“I received $3,000 that I wasn’t expecting and I have a new car that just fell into my lap. Really feeling happier, freer and more at peace. Just knowing that I know how to turn any situation “up-side-down” is such a blessing. I’m intending to continue Releasing and listening to the audios forever and ever, or something like that.” – Nola Slevin