Testimonials: Money

I am truly free about my time, work, wealth, health, relationships and lifestyle

“Giving unconditional love is the only thing that truly satisfies.

My intentions for the Financial Freedom & Lifestyle Retreat were:
1. Let go and let God supply the money, time and circumstances of my abundant life.
2. Experience perfection, love, peace and oneness as much as I can with everyone and everything.

The retreat began for me on Saturday May 14th towards the end of the final 30-Day Teleconference when a releasing partner heading towards Camp Allen arrived at my place. Late Sunday May 15th and early Monday May 16th, I experienced a major breakthrough on a prime general life program while we released and gave unconditional love to one of his goals.

Giving unconditional love to all I encountered at Camp Allen, I began to experience everyone and everything as perfect, love, peace and oneness. All wants, fears and resistance dissolved into love and light.

I was able to let go of the program “I can’t afford to make a mistake” during an unconditional loving release. Today, I received a check for almost $6000, which I deposited and used to make final payment on a long outstanding personal loan. Paying off that loan from a relative before June 1st was a goal of mine for the 30-day Financial Freedom & Lifestyle program.

More and more as I choose to give unconditional love, I am truly free about my time, work, wealth, health, relationships and lifestyle.” – Dennis Hartnett

Doubles Income With Ease

“The wonderful thing is the more I let go, the more peace, love and abundance keeps coming my way. I have doubled my income with ease.” – Rob Mosier

10K to 1 Million

“I am so excited I am redoing the goals and resistance CDs. My goal was, “I allow myself to receive $10,000.00 or more by releasing only.” I just got off the phone with the Quebec Government and they are sending a check in the amount of $ 10,744.58. This stuff works. I am so thrilled I am on the releasing roll for a million now. Thank you Larry. PEACE.” – Chipo

Receives $3,000 in stock trades

“I am doing the Goals and Resistance Course for my first time along with my Financial Freedom for the second time…-Made a profit this week of over $3,000.00 in my stock trades, on stocks that haven’t moved since last year. The profit was even more – but $3,000.00+ was since the class started!” – S.K.

Continuous Miracles

“I just wanted to report that each time I have taken a course, I have received significant financial gains outside of my normal salary. Since joining the 30 day Financial Freedom Course I am at $5,432.22 over my normal monthly income.  And it looks like another $,2000 is headed my way. (So far!) 

Relationships in all areas of my life have dramatically improved and the miracles keep coming!  I am so glad that I stuck with it and continue to see how taking responsibility for everything that happens to me and giving myself love and approval has made all the difference.  Now I can see that I have love and approval to give to everyone else.  What a gift!  Thank you for your time and sharing the method with us all.” – Loretta Urbina

Daily Abundance!

“Thank you everyone for this class, I appreciate it so much!
Besides feeling open, loving and happy daily…I am waking up feeling happy, abundant and imperturbable.
1.  I went to a Yoga Class this AM and forgot my towels for the beach. I was going to turn around and go home, missing the class- when a lady I hadn’t ever seen before drove up to me, asked me some questions about the classes, noticed that I forgot my  towels, she jumped out of the drivers seat in her car and offered me a blanket she had in her vehicle. Then she decided to join me at the class. Perfect!! Very enjoyable.
2.  When I was releasing with my partner this AM, I saw a call coming in from the State of WI, I asked my releasing partner to hold and took the call, it was someone with my own name and she was calling me to inform me that the documents were recorded and my tax bill for 2005 was zeroed out!
I have been working with IRS for the last four years, the State, piggybacking on the IRS original decision of $30K tax bill, deciding they wanted some money too; billed me continuously for the last two years not acknowledging the faxes, mailed in documents that were sent by myself and my CPA, Attorney. The IRS bill was zeroed out. Today, the STATE Zeroed out.”
Thank you!
Cynthia Collins

From Unemployed to Millionaire

“The peace deepens steadily. Finances have increased spectacularly. I am able to smile at strangers and say ‘Hi,’ when appropriate, instead of just averting my gaze and walking by. I went from being unemployed to a million dollars in one year since using the Release Technique. My business is earning over $1 million per year.” – James Wells

Taking a Leap of Faith To Go All the Way!

“First I want to say that the recent clarificationmade regarding imperturbability vs freedom really helped clear up some confusion that I have had for some time about the goal of the technique. As much as I prize freedom, it doesn’t necessarily allow being in full unconditional love, while being imperturbable can because it means being serene and at peace.

Today I am making a commitment to taking the next 30-day Financial Freedom class  I am in a chapter 13 to save my home from foreclosure. Nothing that I have tried in the last 18 months has worked to solve this. I had a revelation recently that I have been a closet releaser, never making the full commitment. I have had it with living in gentile poverty! I am giving up trying to figure it out! I watched the video at the release web site on the page about the 30-day FF program. It brought tears to my eyes and spoke to my soul  I want to make a quantum leap to the next level and really change my life situation.

I will plan to be on the call on Wednesday and perhaps you can help me release on having the funds to do the course.

Thanks for all you do for us.”


Receiving by Releasing

“I own a farm in which I rent out the land. After about 3 years I would normally adjust the rent to the gentleman who rents it. We write a contract that lasts for 3 years. Well, over the last couple of years commodity prices for corn and soybeans went pretty high. I asked what other farmers were paying for rent next to me and it was Considerably higher than what  I was getting at the time. So I looked at My contract and realized that we had a year left. The other farmers’ Contracts had run out either that year or the year before, that’s why They were paying more. I had a year left on mine so I just decided I would Wait until the contract is up and talk to him next year. While this was happening, (Dec.2011) I was listening to the goals and resistance cd’s while I was painting In my house…I would just listen over and over. One night while listening and painting, my renter called me and said He would like to up the rent before the first of the year! So, for 2012 I’m Receiving $300 a month more! And it will go up considerably each year after for 3 more years! I never said a word to anyone about raising the rent. I felt a contract was a contract and I had to honor that. I have to say, he has been my neighbor all my life and his family and I are good friends and he is a good honest man.”

Choosing Happiness: Positive Attracts Positive

“I would like to thank you for this wonderful course – Financial Freedom & Lifestyle.  I have had many gains and would like to share some:
I wake up many mornings hearing ‘I love you’ over and over. I Wake up and hear mind chatter and release the want, the trying to figure it out, the disapproval and give myself approval. In CAP it’s a decesion.
Week 1 received an extra $1,600. Week 3 received an extra $2,000.
Week 2 was invited to a mid week vacation at Pebble Beach Pro/AM, had lunch in sky box on hole 18 with beautiful ocean views, all expenses paid. Went to Asilomar – wow!! 
Week 2 also received a letter froma person I have not spoke to or heard from in over ten years. The letter was nice and other nice items were enclosed. I called and spoke with her; we are friends now. This is amazing since we had alot of anger, hurt feelings, etc. between us and the relationship  appeared beyond unresolvable. In the 90-day course, I released on her when doing The Past Exercises. In this course, I am continuing releasing the momentum.
Another gain from the above is knowing that when I surrender to Beingness there is no impatience, there is no time schedule. (I’m a recovered type-A thanks to releasing!!)  The mind is quiet (it’s ok if it occurs, it’s ok if it does not occur, even though I may have a preference). If the mind is not quiet it just means I have more to release. 
I was at a birthday party and one of the kids slammed another kid’s hand in the door. I started sending love, the parents and others took care of the child all okay.
I really realized how we make decesions in traumatic situations. Later my mind chattering with wanting safety and the question, ‘why did I create this situation?’ I Decided to  take responsibility, got in CAP, and released. Later when I got home I did alot of releasing on some old incorrect decesions/beliefs- childhood memories.
I am more loving and choose to be happy in spite of what’s happening. I get positive attracts positive now.”
Thank you so much for everything,