Testimonials: Money

$350 Win in Money Machine

“In the last two weeks I have been able to exceed my target income. Last month I won a chance to go to my bank’s money machine, where they were having a promotion, and I won $350.” – Bazlur Rahmani

Butt System Financial Success

“Successes using the Butt system for me were $37,000 in sales for the month of December. Income of $7,000 for the month, granted a $1,000 bonus from the CEO, and an extra $2,000 for moving expenses to the Bay Area from San Diego.” – Laurie

Choosing Happiness: Positive Attracts Positive

“I would like to thank you for this wonderful course – Financial Freedom & Lifestyle.  I have had many gains and would like to share some:
I wake up many mornings hearing ‘I love you’ over and over. I Wake up and hear mind chatter and release the want, the trying to figure it out, the disapproval and give myself approval. In CAP it’s a decesion.
Week 1 received an extra $1,600. Week 3 received an extra $2,000.
Week 2 was invited to a mid week vacation at Pebble Beach Pro/AM, had lunch in sky box on hole 18 with beautiful ocean views, all expenses paid. Went to Asilomar – wow!! 
Week 2 also received a letter froma person I have not spoke to or heard from in over ten years. The letter was nice and other nice items were enclosed. I called and spoke with her; we are friends now. This is amazing since we had alot of anger, hurt feelings, etc. between us and the relationship  appeared beyond unresolvable. In the 90-day course, I released on her when doing The Past Exercises. In this course, I am continuing releasing the momentum.
Another gain from the above is knowing that when I surrender to Beingness there is no impatience, there is no time schedule. (I’m a recovered type-A thanks to releasing!!)  The mind is quiet (it’s ok if it occurs, it’s ok if it does not occur, even though I may have a preference). If the mind is not quiet it just means I have more to release. 
I was at a birthday party and one of the kids slammed another kid’s hand in the door. I started sending love, the parents and others took care of the child all okay.
I really realized how we make decesions in traumatic situations. Later my mind chattering with wanting safety and the question, ‘why did I create this situation?’ I Decided to  take responsibility, got in CAP, and released. Later when I got home I did alot of releasing on some old incorrect decesions/beliefs- childhood memories.
I am more loving and choose to be happy in spite of what’s happening. I get positive attracts positive now.”
Thank you so much for everything,

Gets new car with no money out-of-pocket, low monthly payment and additional $1000 check

“For the past three years I have been releasing on a new car. The Ford Explorer I was driving had high miles and no heat. Living in Michigan having heat in the winter is important. My ego had been telling me that I couldn’t afford a new car and told me make due with what I have. My wife suggested that I take money from a 401K plan and use it as a down payment on a car to get the payments to an amount I could afford. We visited a Ford dealership and found that by leasing the payments were under $300/month. I then found I could trade in my Ford Explorer. This resulted in no money out of pocket to get into the lease and brought my payments down to $258/month. In addition to that I received a check for $1,000.00 for the trade-in.” – B.P.

Income Triples

“I wanted you to know that I had said, at the Abundance Course in Denver, that my work week had gone down to approximately 2 days a week and my income had approximately doubled but I was wrong. When I arrived home from the Course, I checked my computer program and while I had worked only approximately 2 days a week in March my income did not double. It tripled! 🙂

From Lacking to Abundance

“In the last 26 months since first taking The Abundance Course I have experienced the following. Going from an almost unknown to belonging to the handful of top people in my area of film making. Going from driving a Honda to driving a Mercedes Benz. From a life of effort to one one of effortlessness. Going from feeling very lacking in abundance to overflowing with abundance. And, last but not least, going from having a noisy mind that was controlling me to a quiet mind under my command, as well as no sicknesses whatsoever. Who could ask for anything more? This is truly THE Abundance Course. If you take this course and apply what you learn, the sky is truly the limit.” – Sonny Ritscher

Allowing My Goals to Become Reality with Ease

“I just recently revisited the Goals and Resistance course. I immediately set one of my goals as, “I allow myself to have perfect health at all times with ease.” Since setting that goal a few weeks ago and releasing daily on it I have lost 15 pounds and my pains, especially in my knees, keep getting continually better to the point where they have almost disappeared. 

I also released on allowing myself to have $1,000 or more by releasing only. I got a $2.00/hour raise at my contracting job  which translates to about an extra $320.00 per month. On top of that, I was just told by my company they would give me a check at year end for just over $2,000. Totally out of the blue. So now I’m kicking that up to $5,000. 

Once I’m finished with the course I will move on to the “What I want to be when I grow up course” which I already have and really look forward to. 
I find the key is to continually release and drop the wanting. Just a few nights ago I woke up at 2:00 am with a strong clutching in my stomach.
I began hearing Larry’s words about letting go of wanting and to be imperturbable.

I made an immediate and determined decision right there and then that I was going to be imperturbable and loving no matter what happens. And that I wanted that more than wanting approval, control, or safety. Almost immediately after making the decision my feelings started leaving and continued leaving and I just kept giving my loving approval the entire time. After a few minutes I started smiling and laughing and then rolled over and slept like a baby for the rest of the night.”

With much love and gratitude,
Mike Manjin

From Unemployed to Millionaire

“The peace deepens steadily. Finances have increased spectacularly. I am able to smile at strangers and say ‘Hi,’ when appropriate, instead of just averting my gaze and walking by. I went from being unemployed to a million dollars in one year since using the Release Technique. My business is earning over $1 million per year.” – James Wells

Having and Enjoying Abudance in All Areas of Life

“I am truly loving this course!  With continued momentum over this past year I have worked through subjects that were previously difficult for me to face.  This is a tremendous area of growth and improvement.  Really focused on areas related to my health, weight, and finances.  My body continues to transform as pain is literally dissolving. It’s much easier to love myself and others equally.

In working on the attachment/aversion to having regrets helped me to let go of much fear, AGFLAP, and unhappiness. In letting go of these aversions I found that I just can function easier.  There is less pressure, less fear, and more opportunity for me to see what I am.  This exercise really helped me to deal with many issues related to lack and guilt.  Issues related to the medical and legal communities, are much more peaceful.  
The financial gains include acceptance to have and enjoy abundance in all areas of my life without guilt, figuring it out, or feeling compelled to explain or reject abundance.  Sabatage programs are no longer running.  There is much freedom in knowing that the past is just stories contained within the mind.  I now trust that everything related to money and fiancial details are in perfect order.
Thank you so very much for offering these quality classes.  What was released during this course really helped me to understand the point of “How we do everything, is how we do everything!”  In knocking out issues related to wanting to change and fear, has provided me with such great clarity.  Looking forward to the rest of this course!!!”
With Much Love,

Overcomes resistance to taxes and IRS

“I had a huge aversion to doing taxes. Realized my 2010 was not filed, now the 2011 is due and also had a letter from IRS about owing money from 2008. Tried to get a good accountant to help me, here in Washington state, but it was a nightmare. After releasing late one night, I knew exactly who to call this morning in California, and all of a sudden I knew how to do the tax preparation, for the first time ever I had fun doing it and did all my paper work in lightning speed. Whatever receipts the accountant was looking for and forms and letters, I found instantly, just point the finger and there it was.In 2 hours all was done and sent out.”