Releasing and Receiving

“Some gains since the start of the course:
– Finally was able to share the first draft of a book I am co-authoring with my peers. The people I shared it with have been supportive and encouraging, and these are people I haven’t talked to for a couple of years!
– Some $500-$800 dollar gains multiple times throughout the month.
– Receiving items I needed for free.
– Obtaining 4 qualified leads for my business. I have 120 leads to go through with my marketing firm, and I’m currently releasing on them.
– More loving, people willing to help.
I’m also noticing when I don’t do what I want to do or feel like I should be doing, I start getting a lot of feelings that come up. When I let them go, I feel much better. I was placed on the schedule to work nights during the next couple of classes, including the last class next Thursday. Working on letting go of disapproving of work and be okay with it either way.”
Thanks and lots of love!
And I just signed up for the 90-day!

Keeping Warm & Financially Gaining through Releasing

“For the past three years I have been releasing on a new car. The Ford Explorer I was driving had high miles and no heat. Living in Michigan having heat in the winter is important. My ego had been telling me that I couldn’t afford a new car and told me make due with what I have. My wife suggested that I take money from a 401K plan and use it as a down payment on a car to get the payments to an amount I could afford. We visited a Ford dealership and found that by leasing the payments were under $300/month. I then found I could trade in my Ford Explorer. This resulted in no money out of pocket to get into the lease and brought my payments down to $258/month. In addition to that I received a check for $1,000.00 for the trade-in.” – Bill Paden

True Value Through The Release Technique!

“The value that you bring to the world with this method far outweighs the price that’s put on your services and products. And as it stands, your products are more than cheap enough already, and there are many organizations out there that charge a lot more and yield less results.”


$9,600 Gain

“Hi Larry!
All is well, Just got my first check in the mail a few weeks ago over $9600.00. From Belgium ?? :-) . The Universe is a beatiful thing. Hadn’t had a money goal this year but last year. That’s how it works for me, once I take my mind of a goal it will fall in my lap (after I released all my want on it of course). I release every day.”

Thank you for everything,

Solutions Coming To Me With Ease Through Love

“Thank you for your help during last night’s call. Early this morning I called my son’s school to speak with the Director and with a lot of “love” – I told her about the difficult place we were. She gave me all the reasons why it was impossible for him to come back to school next year. But with love I asked her for help to find a reasonable solution. She said she will talk to the High School Director and call me back.

She called few minutes ago and her first words were “I have good news.” My son will be taken into school next year with a plan in place to ensure his success.

I am new to releasing, but I can see how it works. Your help in last night call was invaluable.

I will be grateful all my life.”

Sending you Love,

Continued Financial Freedom

“Another Great Week!

I am doing the Goals and Resistance Course for my first time along with my Financial Freedom for the second time…

-Made a profit this week of over $3,000.00 in my stock trades – (FYI these stocks have not moved since prior to the year end)  The profit was even more – but $3,000.00+ was since the class started… 
-Releasing very easily while walking around living my life
-Living Life in CAP
-Purchasing an empty lot for a VERY GOOD price to resell
-Recognizing Resistance; deciding and applying the effort
-Huge shift in energy – more stamina
-Huge Shift on releasing fear – which I did not know was so overt 
-Energy and clarity to zip through a huge amount of paperwork one day
-Planning a fabulous fun filled vacation – opportunities coming from everywhere – everything falling into place!!!
-Since I received my $1,000.00 by releasing only this week I am adding a zero and – know I will receive $10,000.00 by releasing only 

Thank You Sincerely!” – Sue

Gets paid vacation

“During the first week of The Financial Freedom & Lifestyle course, I received an extra $1,600. During week 2, I was invited and had a mid-week vacation to Pebble Beach Pro/Am. I had lunch in sky box on hole 18 beautiful ocean views, etc all expenses paid. I also received a letter from person I haven’t spoken to or heard from in over 10 years. The letter was nice and other nice items were enclosed. I called and spoke with her we are friends now. This is amazing since we had alot of anger, hurt feelings etc. between us and the relationship appeared beyond unresolvable. During week 3, I received an extra $2,000.”

Thank you so much for everything, Deborah

10K to 1 Million

“I am so excited I am redoing the goals and resistance CDs. My goal was, “I allow myself to receive $10,000.00 or more by releasing only.” I just got off the phone with the Quebec Government and they are sending a check in the amount of $ 10,744.58. This stuff works. I am so thrilled I am on the releasing roll for a million now. Thank you Larry. PEACE.” – Chipo

Unexpected Gains

“In continuing to do this amazing work, I have spent the past few weeks working on issues related to my weight.  So much has come up in relation to this subject.  Truly see how I’ve been using my weight as a means of protection and also escape. And for the first time in my life, I truly feel Ok with body..and my experiences.  Moved completely into acceptance and peace. Such incredible joy!
Also worked on a goal of having $10,000.00 or more.  And almost instantly remembered earning college degrees. Wow!  With the incredible power of releasing, have fully recovered from past health issues and traumas that had previously caused me to forget having achieved these incredible accomplishments and many important family gatherings. There is just SO much gratitude to all of my family and friends for all of their incredible love, guidance, and support.  Through releasing am now aware of how much goodness I have available to me.  These insights are perhaps my greatest and most unexpected gains. 
Relationships are mending.  Past emails from family and friends have also recently came into my awareness. Spending time with family is now more comfortable. As things from the past appear, I just keep releasing and taking responsibility for everything.” – Christine

Unexpected Gains

“I paid for the extended course on Friday with a knowing that the money would be coming right back. Yesterday I received an unexpected check for $1,000. Ever think of opening your own brokerage? I love the return you provide on investment.”