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Life shouldn’t be so hard. You are worried and frustrated about your money, health, and relationship problems. Don’t let your negative thoughts and feelings run your life.

The Release Technique™, developed by Larry Crane with the guidance of expert Lester Levenson, can help eliminate the negativity associated with life’s challenges.
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We at the Release Technique have been there. We know how it feels to be overwhelmed, worried, and frustrated while knowing there is more to life. And we learned how easy it is to turn things around. With our simple breathing technique you can improve your life in a multitude of ways.


Improve your finances with the Release Technique​


Improve your health & wellness with the Release Technique​


Improve your relationships with the Release Technique​

You can unlock happiness, success, and abundance with the RT

Release Technique can also help you:

If you experience constant money worries, health problems, guilt feelings, fear, procrastination, inability to speak up for yourself, marital problems, confusion about your life, vitality, and so on, releasing will give you a powerful, unique, and very practical tool that will dramatically improve the quality and effectiveness of your life.

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Researchers from Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, and Pennsylvania University Studies Validate the Effectiveness of The Release Program.

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Releasing Fundamentals
30-Day Financial Freedom & Life Mastery Telecourse
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Breakthrough to Freedom Retreat
Discover powerful techniques to unlock happiness, success, and abundance in your life.
Master Releasing
Lester's 9-Day Quiet Your Mind Program
Discover powerful techniques to unlock happiness, success, and abundance in your life.

3 Easy Steps to Take a Live Releasing Class


Register for the next course by going to Live Classes at releasetechnique.com/liveclasses or call (818) 279-2438 to register. Payment plans are available for most courses.


Releasing is experiential, not intellectual. In the course, the teacher will show you, step by step, how to release and you will quickly learn so you are able to release effectively on your own.


If you get stuck, call the Release Technique Support Line, Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 5:30pm, even after the course ends.

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At the Release Technique, we know you want to live powerfully, purposefully, and peacefully. To do that, you need to end the struggle, take charge of your life, and live the life you deserve. The problem is that you feel worried, frustrated, and overwhelmed from your money, health, and relationship problems.

If you continue as you have, the anxiety, frustration, and stress from your financial, health, and relationship problems will take its inevitable toll on your physical and mental health. Instead, use the quiet confidence you gain from releasing to usher in vibrant health, abundance, and loving relationships.


Graduate Testimonials

Hear what our graduates have to say about their experience
"I have never yet been closer to real freedom within myself, and I am understanding life and my own true nature on deeper levels as I go. I feel that I have found a missing link, not just to healing, but to understanding the core principles of Divinity and the Coming Era– and to transmuting the “human condition” at its core...and that most amazing process continues to unfold. You’ll be hearing a lot from me about this in the future..."
Shifra Hendrie

Quantum Healing and Soul

"Larry Crane is a fabulous human being. His Release Technique will dramatically improve your profits and your performance levels. It enables you to rid yourself of any negative emotions easily and painlessly and puts you in touch with your most successful self. It’s like a positive energy two-by-four between the eyes."
Alexander Loyd

Bestselling author of "The Healing Code"

“The Release Technique is a highly effective tool for verifiably eliminating the subconscious blocks that keep you from attracting what you want out of life.

If you are searching for a way to achieve your money, health and relationship goals faster and with far less effort, I highly recommend you pick up this remarkable course.”
Joe Vitale

Bestselling author of “The Attractor Factor” and “Zero Limits”

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Abundance Course:
Unlock Your Path to Success

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Course Overview

What you are about to discover is a solution that really works. For over 25 years, the Release Technique has provided a step by step method to remove the negative thoughts and feelings that stand in the way from living the happy lifestyle you’ve always been looking for. The Release Technique shows you how to go into your subconscious mind and easily remove the negativity. You’ll discover how to do it, prove it, and experience it for yourself. The effectiveness of the Release Technique is so profound, you’ll experience results on the very first day.

Proven Programs for Personal Development

Health and Wellness:
Achieve Optimal Well-Being

Course Overview

Thinking positively goes hand in hand with stress reduction, but it does far more than merely “reduce your stress.” Beyond just living a “stress-free life,” keeping a positive attitude moves you into the realm of enjoying a fully joyful and happy life, which actively restores, rejuvenates, and reinvigorates the body and mind. Having a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), according to the study mentioned by SmartMoney, is the one greatest thing—beyond even exercising and quitting smoking—that can make the most dramatic improvement in your life.

Proven Programs for Personal Development

Financial Freedom:
Create Wealth and Abundance

Course Overview

This astonishing—admittedly bizarre—“money attraction” technique to achieve financial freedom you’re about to read about is NOT positive thinking, affirmations, visualization, goal setting or any other self-development “mumbo jumbo” you’ve been suckered into before! You’ve NEVER heard or seen anything like this before!

Do you long for financial independence? Are you wanting to know how to make more money and achieve success in life, but unsure about how financial freedom can be attained? The Release Technique helps you find a simple path to wealth and even attract wealth in your life.

Our Story

Our Story In 1954, doctors told 42 year old Lester Levenson, who had just suffered a massive heart attack, that he had only weeks to live. An engineer and scientist, Lester began asking himself basic questions about happiness and the meaning of life. From those simple questions, which eventually became the Release Technique, Lester made 3 discoveries: (1) Love was the answer to his problems; (2) He could create his outer circumstances however he wished, and (3) He did not have to fear dying. After three months, he emerged, with a continuous state of happiness with no taint of sorrow and lived for another 42 years. Read more about Larry here.

Lester Levenson

Lester Levenson

(Jan 18, 1909 – Jan 18,1994)
Larry Crane portrait

Larry Crane

(March 30, 1935 – December 30, 2018)

Larry Crane was a very successful businessman out of New York. In the 1960’s , he started his career as a marketing director for Remco toys, and went on to creating compilation record packages with Billionaire Jon Huntsman. There Larry received 16 gold and 4 platinum records and an Effie award for his advertising achievements. In 1981, he retired in Sedona, Arizona for a few years to work with Lester Levenson. Then in 1983, Larry moved to Los Angeles to become a Celebrity Agent with his childhood friend Marty Ingles.

Eliminate Negativity and
 Take Control of Your Life

Backed by studies from Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, and Pennsylvania U, the Release Technique offers a proven path to personal growth and empowerment.

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