Being Happy



This is real. And it’s different than anything you’ve ever heard about or tried before. For starters, this technique has been used by tens of thousands of people around the world.

And it’s been scientifically verified by Dr. David McCelland of Harvard University, and Dr. Richard Davidson of the State University of New York.


  • Dr. Christopher R. M.D., Director of the American Wellness Institute.
  • Dr. Raul Rodriguez, Medical Director of Rivercrest Hospital, San Angelo, TX.
  • Dr. David B. Durand, M.D., Former Director of Surgical Pathology, Stony Brook University Hospital, NY. and…
  • Dr. John L. Kemeny (an associate of the late Albert Einstein).

In 1952, at the age of 42, a New Jersey physicist and successful businessman suffered his second massive heart attack.

In those days, they did not have bypass surgery or heart transplants and the like.

So, his “friendly” doctor broke the news to him that there was little more the hospital could do. What’s more, he only had two (three at most) weeks to live. And so, because the hospital bed was needed for other patients…

Naturally, he was extremely fearful of dying.

Even contemplated ending it all by overdosing on the morphine his doctor had prescribed him.

But, he began thinking.

He had always been considered a brilliant man. Always on the honor roll. The recipient of a four-year scholarship to Rutgers University (back when very few scholarships were given out).

He figured, with all this accumulated knowledge, all his intellect – it had gotten him to the point where he was “staring death in the face.”

Upon this realization – he said to himself:

What he did next saved his life!

He went back to the “drawing board within.”

He noticed each time he was ill, he was wanting something. He wanted more money. He wanted love. And most of all, he wanted to change things in his life.

Then he noticed whenever he didn’t want to change anything and was loving, he was happiest.

So, he asked himself:

“Well, if I could get rid of all my feelings of resistance and wanting to change things, would I get better?”

That was his starting point.

It was only then, he realized upon three CORE TRUTHS that saved his life:

It is your own suppressed “negative feelings ” that are the root cause of all your depression.


All of us have the inborn, natural ability to “let go” (erase) all of our suppressed feelings (like depression ) that have a negative “hold” over our lives.


The more we “pull up” and “let go” (or erase) our suppressed negativity (depression, anger, frustration, stress etc.)… the lighter, happier… and healthier we become.

And guess what?

After “releasing” his suppressed subconscious resistance- in just 3-months – he totally cured his body of all illness and disease.

No joke.

Perhaps even more important – he “entered into” a continuous state of DEEP and profound happiness.

Being happy was just an everyday normal occurrence for him.

And stayed in this state of pure bliss for another 42-years.

In case you’re wondering, the name of this New Jersey physicist is: Lester Levenson.

And, it was the day I met Lester Levenson I consider the greatest day of my life.

Through my own personal misery, I became determined to find the “inner happiness” that had so far eluded me. I was obsessed with finding the key to being happy.

And although I was a very “closed” person at the time; not receptive to any kind of therapy or self-help stuff – my wife did talk me into taking some “New Age” courses.

I took a bunch of these… but… alas…

Nothing helped.

I just became more frustrated.

Then one fine day, in 1976, a young salesman came bristling into my office to “pitch” me on his wares. I had some interesting spiritual or self-discipline quotations on my wall, and this opened up a conversation about what I was “into”.

That’s when I first heard about something called The Release Technique.

I was all ears because it really resonated with me. It seemed like the answer to being happy that I had been searching for.

So I took the course that very weekend.

And it was the Saturday of that weekend I first met the most fascinating man I’ve ever met – Lester Levenson.

Like I said, I call that day the greatest day of my life.

I was fortunate enough to know Lester for 22-years. He became my best friend and mentor. We spoke almost daily. Took trips together. And I kid you not – I never ceased to be amazed by his unshakeable peace of mind and happiness. Being happy all the time was his natural state.

In case you think Lester “hid” away from the world – or gave up all his worldly possessions to follow the “spiritual path” – you’re wrong.

He lived for many years in the most hectic city in the world – New York City.

Lester was also a Multi-Millionaire. Which was strange… because…

Instead, everything he decided to have miraculously seemed to “fall effortlessly into his lap.”

Huh? I couldn’t figure it out.

If it wasn’t so funny it would have been spooky!

Actually, Lester told me a lot of things that were like, “No way!”

One of the first things he said to me was, “There’s no such thing as an illness.”

Wow! I mean there I was with a whole repertoire of illnesses: Ulcers, migraine headaches, rose fever, hay fever and just about every allergy known to man.

So Lester told me how to use The Release Technique to “flush out” all illnesses from my body.

I didn’t believe him. But, sure enough – using just The Release Technique – all my illnesses disappeared.

And as of today I haven’t seen a doctor in over 29 years.

Then one day Lester told me that working was not the ultimate thing to do.

I was like, “What?”

After all, at the time I was working 7-days a week, 16-hours a day.

Sure I was making a lot of money; but it wasn’t making me happy. Being happy obviously had nothing to do with money.

So, Lester told me how to use The Release Technique on money.

Again – using just The Release Technique – I became even more financially successful.

It was like a dam broke and suddenly an avalanche of “unexpected” money started pouring into my life from all directions. And I was working less. A lot less.

And best of all:

I was – and still am to this day – in a “place” of unshakeable peace and happiness. Being happy all the time is now an everyday occurrence for me as well.

Nothing can ever bother me or pull me down.

See, with The Release Technique, what you do is “pull up” all your suppressed subconscious resistance (negative feelings) and let them go. You pull up anything that is in the way of your being happy.

And whenever anything happens throughout the day – like bad news or, you’re cut off in traffic – you just use The Release Technique “on the spot” to vaporize the negative thoughts and feelings that arise.

Allowing your natural “inner happiness” to reveal itself.

It’ll feel like you’ve taken a very powerful “feel good” drug – without ever taking the drug – or any of the nasty side effects you get with drugs.

Look, I know this sounds like “fantasy land.”

That’s why I want you to prove (or try and disprove) The Release Technique for yourself – at my risk.

More on that in just a moment.

But first, I want you to know – there’s nothing hard or complicated about The Release Technique, either.

In fact…

See, The Release Technique is also sometimes called the “Butt System”.

The reason?

It’s simple.

Because with The Release Technique all you do is sit on your butt… get in touch with all your subconscious resistance… and then… “let it go” (release it!) on the spot. And being happy just happens.

No “down time” involved. No having to go into a self-hypnosis trance. No awkward breathing exercises. No dorky affirmations or mantras to perform.

In fact, you can use The Release Technique throughout the day… as you go about your day… even while having a conversation with another person – and they wouldn’t even realize you were using it.

All you have to do is become conscious of your (until then) subconscious resistance… and then… “let it go” (release it!) using The Release Technique.

For example, let’s talk about probably the most devastating thing that could happen to you. Let’s say you’ve been with your wife (or husband) for many years. You’re still deeply in love with them.

But, let’s also suppose you were to suddenly find out (from your best friend) that your partner had been having an affair for the last year -behind your back – with somebody you despise.

Normally, this scenario would “send you over the edge” – sucking the life out of you.

But, knowing how to use The Release Technique – you’d simply allow yourself to become aware of your “inner turmoil” and “pent up” anger… and (using The Release Technique)… you’d simply allow those thoughts and feelings to “come up” and “dissolve”.

Before you know it your incessant raging mind activity will have quieted… and… as far fetched as it might sound…

Of course, you are still able to discriminate between right and wrong.

You simply don’t get “caught up” in the emotional turmoil of the moment.

And guess what?

As impossible as it may sound right now, by using The Release Technique (nothing more and nothing less) to “let go” of your subconscious resistance (i.e., worry, fear, stress, anxiety etc.,) you will suddenly just “flow” through life with ease.

You no longer “attract” bad events or dramas into your life.

You have found the key to being happy no matter what.

It’s like having an “invisible force shield” wrapped around you that “inoculates” you against feeling down.

In other words, using nothing more than The Release Technique to “let go” of your suppressed “subconscious resistance”… also… acts as a foundation for supercharging every other area of your life… sending you rocketing to a whole new level of satisfaction and pleasure you could never get before.

This is no joke.

In fact, I insist you “look” at your life before learning how to use The Release Technique. Then, just one month later, “look” at your life again.

And do you know what?

What you will “see” will utterly amaze you!

Because you’ll feel more relaxed, joyful and at peace in every area of your life.

Just like these people who’ve already used The Release Technique in their lives:

“Thank you so much for making The Release method available to me. This is a hard thing to admit, but I’m 71 years old and have never been happy and/or content even though I’ve had a considerable amount of success in my life. Now, after using the method only a couple of weeks, I’m ecstatic to report “Now I have both.” Believe me, no price could be place on being happy like that!” – Vern Emerson, NV

“The biggest gain I would like to mention is that I learned I am blocking my own success, abundance, love and perfect health by my own thinking. Granted, it does take work to release these thoughts, but it is easy and the peaceful feeling is well worth the work! Before, when I was irritated with a situation or someone, I use to fume for days, now I let it go in a matter of minutes! I am truly grateful for Larry continuing Lester’s great work. For the skeptics, the price of this course is worth a lifetime of happiness. Much love and laughter and happy being happy” – Carrie Pascoe, VA

There’s plenty more. But you get the idea.

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