Law of Attraction

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Is Highly Skeptical Of The Secret Law of Attraction Claims Made In the Movie “The Secret”:

From: Larry Crane.
Lawrence Crane Enterprises, Inc.
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Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Wednesday, 2.11 p.m.

Dear Reader,

Have you heard about “The Secret law of attraction”?

It’s really kicked up a storm of media interest lately. Good. And bad.

But does it really work? Or is it bogus?

That’s the question on everybody’s lips at the moment.

In fact, lately I’ve been going through a bunch of e-mail questions and one question that pops up over and over again goes something like this:

“Larry, what do you think about The Secret law of attraction? It all sounds very appealing, but is it real or should it be ignored”

Here’s My Answer:

The Secret Law of Attraction (as promoted in “The Secret”) is the key to having, being and doing whatever you want in life.


Here is what nobody else is telling you:

Unless and until you clear away all your subconscious resistance to having, being and doing whatever you want…

You Will Continue To “Attract” Into Your Life More Of What You’ve Already Got!

In other words:
No matter what kind of “success technique” you use: You will subconsciously “repel” all the things you want in life.

That is THE reason why so many people can never get the results they want from all the different kinds of “success techniques” available: “Invisible” subconscious resistance is holding success at arm’s length away.

Does this mean most of the population should give up on their dreams and settle for what they’ve already got?

Not at all.

There is a better way.

An “elegantly simple” way for you to get what you want. You don’t need to know any universal laws or secret law of attraction to get it.

Can you guess what it is?

I think you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it before – even laugh out loud – when you hear it!

Let me explain:

The real “secret law of attraction” to attracting what you want into your life starts – not with thinking positive – BUT – with…

“Erasing” Your Negative Subconscious Programming!

This is a 180 degree “u-turn” on all the other hundreds of thousands of “success formulas” you’ll find spouted in the self-help section of the bookstore, and littering the Internet.

Look, here’s the best way I know how to explain it:

I want you to take a quick look at the computer you are reading this message on. I want you to do this… because…

The Human Mind Works Just Like A Computer!

If you have a virus in your computer and you don’t remove it, your computer won’t work properly. The mind works the same way.

Think of your mind as a “biological computer.”

And, your negative subconscious programs (or resistance) are like a virus interfering with your success programming – sabotaging every effort you make to change your life.

That’s why traditional “success techniques” (like “The Secret”) rarely work as well as they should – if at all – for most people.

See, “The Secret law of attraction” is all about flooding your mind with positive words and images.

Nothing wrong with that.

But here’s the problem:

It’s a bit like putting a program into a computer that has a virus. The virus is going to interfere – even reject – the program.

It’s the same with us: Since the age of about 5-years old, we all get into the unconscious habit of suppressing our negative feelings. These suppressed negative feelings then act like a virus that “cancel out” all the positive thoughts and images you put into your mind.

So until you learn how to erase your suppressed “hidden” negativity… you have an “anti-success virus” inside you that will forever…

Prevent You Getting What You Want!

However, here’s the good news:
Once you learn how to use a revolutionary technique – called The Release Technique – to “pull up” and erase your suppressed negativity (mind viruses)… you’ll naturally have a positive state of mind… and therefore… you effortlessly use the secret law of attraction to actually “attract ” abundance into all areas of your life.

Listen, you’ve never heard anything like this before.

Not even close.

The Release Technique is different. It has nothing to do with positive thinking, any secret law of attraction, affirmations, visualization, traditional goal setting… or any other self development “mumbo jumbo”… you’ve probably heard a million times before.

And as astonishing… (even bizarre)… as The Release Technique may sound, it has been scientifically verified by Dr. David McCelland of Harvard University, and Dr. Richard Davidson of the State University of New York.

The Release Technique is also used and endorsed by Dr. John L. Kemeny (an associate of the late Albert Einstein),and hundreds of the most financially successful people in the world -including hard-nosed business executives from top Fortune 500 companies such as Exxon, AT&T, Merrill Lynch, TWA, Chemical Bank, and Mutual of New York.

Of course, many skeptical people have tried to disprove the effectiveness of The Release Technique. I’m not sure whether to say they failed or succeeded… because… in each case…

They’ve Been Rewarded With “Attracting” What They Really Want Into Their Lives!

See, the reason The Release Technique works 100% of the time for everyone who uses it is because it’s based on three CORE TRUTHS:

It is your own suppressed “negativity” that is the root cause of all your problems (including financial problems). It’s your own suppressed “negativity” that keeps you from having the riches and “toys” you so desperately crave.


All of us have the inborn, natural ability to “let go” (erase) all of our suppressed feelings that have a negative “hold” over our lives.


The more we “pull up”
and “let go” (or erase) our suppressed negativity (subconscious programs)…
the lighter, happier, healthier… and…richer we become.
There’s nothing hard or complicated about The Release Technique, either. In fact…

If You Can Sit On Your Butt… You Can Use It!

See, The Release Technique is also sometimes called the “Butt System”. The reason? It’s simple. Because with The Release Technique all you do is sit on your butt… get in touch with all your “I can’t” feelings… and then… “let them go” on the spot.

For example, let’s say you wanted use this secret law of attraction to attract $10,000 into your life (Note: I’m using $10,000 as an example only. You set the amount or whatever else you want. After all, there’s no limit when you use The Release Technique).

All you do is set a releasing goal statement – such as:

“I allow myself to have an extra $10,000 this month by releasing only.”

You’d either write the goal down or say it to yourself… and then let whatever “stream of consciousness” feelings surface. Anything other than a feeling of, “YES, I feel like I already have the $10,000 dollars” is what is called an “I can’t” feeling. Typically, your “I can’t” feelings may include:

  • “How am I going to make an extra $10,000 dollars this month”
  • “I haven’t got enough clients, I need more clients.”
  • “I’ll have to put in extra hours at the office this month to make up that kind of money.”
  • “I’m not sure this is even possible. There must be more to it than this.”

And so on.

Once you’ve become conscious of these “I can’t” feelings – you can then “let them go” (erase them!) by using The Release Technique.

And then… suddenly, as if by “magic,” the damn will break and….

What You Really Want Will Naturally “Click” Into Place!

And guess what?

Although you can use The Release Technique to reach financial freedom a lot quicker than anything else you could do – it’s not the “full story.”

See, the exciting truth is, just by sitting down in a comfy chair and”letting go” of your suppressed “negativity (or “I can’t” feelings)…you’ll soon (much sooner than you think!) be living a life… so amazing… it’s almost beyond description.

And as impossible as it may sound right now, The Release Technique will allow you to “attract” everything you want into your life – (material possessions, your ideal partner, better health, etc.). Now that is really using the secret law of attraction…it is no longer a secret.

Also, it will give you… another… big and unexpected advantage. Namely…

You’ll Have A New Feeling Of Peacefulness And Sheer Joy In Your Life!

In other words, using nothing more than The Release Technique to “let go” of your suppressed “negativity”… also… acts as a foundation for supercharging every other area of your life.

It’s as if learning how to “let go” of your limiting subconscious programs… is… a springboard… that can send you rocketing to a whole new level of satisfaction and pleasure you could never get before.

Look, here’s the bottom line:

With this admittedly unusual process of “letting go” of suppressed “negativity” stored in your subconscious…

It’s Utterly Impossible NOT To Get What You Want!

This is no joke.
In fact, I insist you “look” at your life before learning how to use The Release Technique. Then, just one month later, “look” at your life again.

And do you know what?

What you will see will utterly amaze you!

Because you’ll feel more at peace and you’ll be well on your way to getting what you want. Depending on the size of your goal – you may even have it in less than one month.

Plus, The Release Technique is repeatable. It’s yours for the rest of your life!

I can’t tell you how what you want will “show up” in your life. Who cares anyway…because… what I know (and thousands of others of “releasers” know) is…

It WILL “Show Up”… Often From “Unexpected” Sources!

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never achieved any kind of goal in your life.
None of that matters.

The Release Technique WILL work! No mystique. No airy fairy. No mystical secret law of attraction. Just the facts.

Look, I know this all sounds like “fantasy land.” But remember, The Release Technique has been…

Scientifically Verified.

Proven by thousands of people – from all kinds of backgrounds.

It is used by some of the most successful people in the world. Movie actors. CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. World-class athletes. Best-selling authors. Leading physicians and scientists, and so on, and so forth.

And, not all of them were successful before they used The Release Technique.

Like I said before, The Release Technique works for everyone who uses it – even those who try to disprove it.

So what does it cost you to learn how to use The Release Technique?

The Abundance Course – a package that contains an audio recording of The Release Technique — (complete with 10 audio CD’s of me personally guiding you through the entire process of using The Release Technique; housed in an attractive vinyl album together with an accompanying 93-page release workbook) is just $279.00.